Dora and X-mas in Redmond

Earl, Gorka, Frigid, Thriftshop, Kobe, Zombie, Dig Dug, Jujitsu, Brady, Nietzsche, Xbox, Snip (Q) – Thanks to Xbox for being way better than me at remembering the PAX!

Clearly, my skills at selfies could be improved 🙂

The Thang
Ssh, imperial walkers 


Swedish Mile

Pair up for Dora 1 2 3 (100 merkins, 200 LBCs, 300 Squats)


12 days of x-mas (diamond push-up, burpees, yoga pushups, v, lounges, wide push-ups, break, cotton pickers, sumo squats, hand to foot in crab position, burpees)