Did he say Swirly?

Did he say Swirly?

The Needle draws visitors whether you are going up for the views or running around the base to sweat your ass off.  Awesome to have three folks from out of town today!

The Thang

14 men chose to get up and get better this morning.  And I appreciated each and every one of them.

Alexa (Q), AP (Royalty), Crabs, FIB (Naperville), Heat (Chicago), 529 (ShadeOn), Wooly Bugger (ItLookedEasy), LaFleur (NewSiteQ!!!!), Bangkok (Crushedit), Dookie (2ndWrkoutPfft), The Bobs (FNG), Luigi (GreatJobToday), Rev. Flo-Rida (CLT Metro), and Big City (Impressive)


Warm UP – SSH 20X, Burpees 5 OYO

No time to waste on warm up – lets go.


Mosey to the Dark Alley

BearPee Mile!  Crowd Favorite, bear crawl to a four count and then do a burpee, distance covered – the Dark Alley


Mosey to the Rock Garden

10, 20, 30s – declined, inclined, dips


Mosey round the outside, round the outside to the stairs

Salmon Ladder – sum to 7, Prisoner Squats at bottom, 2 count Lunges at top.  Alternate both flights of stairs up and Box Jump


Mosey to Commode Fountain for The Swirly

Partner up in threes/fours two people do an exercise AMRAP while the other person or pair does a ring around the Fountain bowl as the timer. Swirly.

Exercises: WWI pushups, hand slap merkins, leg throws.


Mosey to the Stage for three rounds of BLIMPS.

1X BLIMPS – Lap, 2X BLIMPS – Lap, 3XBLIMPS – Lap


Mosey to the start, 19X LBCs and DONE.


Announcements – Puget Sound Shirt/Gear order is live, 2.0 Kidvergence this Sat 9am at Kirkland Middle School (Ending with Water Balloon War – Dads V Kids).  CSAUPS, Rucks, Mud Runs, Charity Events all coming up, look at the email if you want to get in on all of that.

Words – Rev Flo Rida – shared his recent job change story and emphasized two things, IMHO, first…what you think is ideal may neither be the best outcome or what will come to fruition.  And second, focus on improving yourself and ask for help to get better as a human whether that is from your god or friends, family, or F3 men and by getting better the right things will come to you!

Honor to lead,