Delayed Saturday Backblast post

Q:  Gekko, Swinger

PAX:  Waterboy, Jar Jar, Guero, Mile High, Kramer, Olaf, Gilligan, The Dude, Olaf

CoP:  SSH, squats, Merkins/m’climbers/diamond Merkins

Mosey to upper parking lot to do dips in cadence.  Continue the mosey back to planters.

Get into pairs.  One pair does squats or hip flexor thrusts with Brute Bag while rest of PAX runs an out and back (perform an exercise at turnaround point:  burpees, SSH, sumo squats, Merkins).

Same pairs for Pike Rally.  P1 does Pike Rally while P2 runs a lap around the school.  Flapjack.

Decline mountainclimbers.

Hand off the Q to Swinger.

Merkins in cadence.

11 box jumps in planters + 1 burpee, then 10 + 2… down to 6 + 6

Mosey to the stairs and partner up.  P1 does a round trip while P2 does AMRAP circuits of 20 sumo squats and 20 Merkins.

Short jog to the soccer field for more partner work.  P1 Bear crawls out and runs back while P2 does an exercise (burpees, diamond Merkins, squats).  Flapjack x 4

Mosey back to home.


-Cannot state how nice the weather was Sat AM.

-2 highlights from Waterboy:  rolls in carving turns like Laird Hamilton on his skateboard + dude can bear crawl at a world-class level

-Kramer shared that a year ago he could not complete a lap of Pike Rally, and now he’s killing a lap easily (well…as easily as it can be done!)

-Elroy on Pike Rally with weight in a ruck = respect.  BTW, Elroy also had weighted gloves on = that’s a different level!

-Very solid VQ by Swinger – it was evident that he prepared.  Also, good audible to shorten up box jump/burpee combo….that’s a winning combo.

-Swinger said that after reading Freed to Lead he identified as a sad clown.  In 6 months F3 has been a fantastic thing for him, and he’s lost 15 lbs.