Belated Bellevue Beatdown Backblast

8 men got after it last Saturday with a sandbag and crawl focused beat down.

PAX: Blue, Dial-up, FNG Bubbles, Xbox, DigDug (Q) , FSBO, Dilfer, Drydock


Warm-o-Rama; x30 SSH, x10 Cotton Picker, x15 Mountain Climber

Mosey to pool. Form teams of three, each team with a weight (40lb, 60lb sandbags or 40 lb kettlebell). One team members runs 50 yards with weight and up stairs while other two perform 100 squats, 200 LBC, 300 Squats.

Mosey to top of stairs. Form new teams of three. P1 Bear Crawl drag the sandbags while P2 & P3 crabwalk forward to the big tree. Switch as needed.

Crawl back to start point.

Leave weights behind. Everyone crawl bear to big tree. Reverse crab back.

Whew. Peter Parker to big tree. Lunge walk back.

3 PAX performs Caroline Drydocks while remaining PAX runs 400 yds. Repeat until all PAX has performed Dry docks.

Repeat, this time with Bent over Rows.

Mosey to start for 6MOM led by Blue.

x19 Heels-to-Heaven, x19 Crossfit Situps, x19 LBC’s with hands pulsing, x17 Butt-Flutters(ask Blue), x19 Flutters with hands in the air.


The events of this weekend have erased many things from my memory, XBox’s words being one of them … 🙁

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