Burpee Fest… Sort of

We had eleven men show up for the so called Burpee Fest. The name suggests many, many burpees were completed. However, Burpee Fest was about loving all a burpee has to offer, not doing as many as possible. Anyway, the pax included: Drama (Q), Thriftshop, Jar Jar, AP, Alexa, Singlet, MASH, Tardy, Xbox, Spotlight, and Jermaine.

The workout:

Warm-up mosey to the beloved tennis courts. Did butt kickers, high knees, reaching hand straight out and kicking with opposite leg, karaoke (both directions), and high knee jumps.

On tennis courts:

Circled up and did ten, six point burpees:

Squat, high plank, push up down, high plank, squat, jump.

However, going around in a circle, we would not proceed to the next position until the person said “next.” Some would say next immediately, others enjoyed watching us struggle to hold certain positions.

Next: run to end of first tennis court, 5 HR murkens, run back. Then run two tennis courts, 10 HR murkens, run back. Then run three tennis courts, 15 HR murkens, run back.

10 six point burpees (except replace push up down with plank down). Done in same method.

4 corners around entire tennis court area, 10 squats each corner.

10 six point burpees (except replace push up down with all the way down to stomach for HR murken). Done in same method.

Bear crawl one tennis court, run the other 5 to fence, then run back across all 6 to other fence. Do again but this time bear crawl two tennis courts.

Mosey to lower parking lot. One partner runs a lap and does 5 HR murkens, other does AMRAP slow 6 point burpees. Two laps for each partner.

Mosey to near start. Three minutes of jumping squats where we go around in a circle saying “next.” First next means hold it down, then the following next means jump up. Following this we ended with two minutes of a similar workout, but with pushups.

WoW: try to set a goal once per month that is physical AND also a goal that is about your family.