Around and around

6 PAX got after it Saturday @ Downtown Bellevue Park: FNG Tri-Lamb, The Natural, Dig Dug, Dial Up, Zestimate, 529’er (Q)


SSH, LBC fast cadence x 100, slow squats

The Thang:

– Mosey to stairs. Sort into 3 teams of 2. Each team of 2 does 150 hand release merkins combined as a team. One person runs 150M loop while the other does AMRAP. Then switch.

– Repeato w/ 200 WWI.

– Mosey to 1/2 mile circular path around the park. At each bridge across the water, stop and do 10 merkins & 20 sumo squats.

– After doing just over 1 full loop around the park (16 sets total), the final set was 10 burpees and 20 high jump sumo squats.


Slow cadence flutters x 20 (4 count)


– GoRuck Light 6/2 @ 2 pm. D-Day theme is going to be awesome.

– Convergence workout on Monday 5/28. 0700 @ Kirkland Middle School. Murph followed by ultimate football. Yes.

– 50 mile star course GoRuck is 8/17 in Seattle. 4 men HC’d this far. Epic.

– Worthington family weekend in late June (eastern WA). See FB group for details.


– Tri-Lamb shared a quote “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” F3 has taught me (529’er) that even if I think I can’t, I’m probably wrong – I just need to be humble, ask for help, and work really hard.