7-11 at KiMS

14 men beat the fartsack and started the day with a W.*

PAX: Elon, Spotlight, Gilligan, Kramer, Guero, AP, Alexa, Singlet, Bam-Bam, AC/DC, The Dude, Cowboy, Block (FNG), SPAM (Q).

Warmitup: Cotton Pickers x 11, Windmills x 11,* Good Mornings x 11, SSH x 20, Merkins x 10, Plankorama 90 sec.

Founder 15 seconds then inch worm to vinyasa/dive-merkin and back. Repeato with 30 seconds and 64* seconds.

Mosey to grab CMU coupons and Slowsey to playground.
Pax 1: carry coupon to bottom of stairs and back.
Pax 2: 30 pull-ups, 30 v-sits, AMRAP until pax 1 returns.
Flapjack and repeato.

Return coupons. 6:14am. AYG run to CoT with remaining minute.

FNG day this Saturday– it is going to be beautiful. Bring someone out and share this good thing we have.

2.0 Workout 7/21

CSAUPS: check the website–no excuse not to get something special lined up for yourself.

Lake Kachess family camp weekend in October–Guero is the Q.

Alexa shared that Discipline in your life brings Freedom into your life. YHC piled on: Discipline in one area will bring discpline to other areas. Guero piled on: CHAOS SUCKS ENERGY–remove chaos via discipline and get that energy back.

Spread sheets:
*Wolf rucked past KiMS at 5:12am. Kudos, and that makes at least 15 men starting with a W this morning.

*11 reps in honor of 7-11. Take your kids for a free slurpee at 7-11 today!

*Last Founder rep was planned for 60 seconds but AC/DC thought it was 16, so we did that 4x.

Grateful to lead you men today.