21 men celebrate 2 years of F3 in Seattle

Q:  Alexa and Gekko


PAX:  FNG Schrempf, FNG Divebar, LaFleur, Scrum, Hurley, Olaf, Caesar, Bartman, Stigmata, Kemp, Worthington, MeetUp, The Situation, Spellcheck, Dig Dug, Sundevil, Bangkok, 529 and Dialup


Alexa with the Q out of the gates.


CoP:  SSH, imperial walkers and arm circles


Mosey to the straight near the food court for bearpees:  4 bear crawl strides and then do one burpee…..for ~75 yards.


Hit the garden for 10/20/30:  declines, inclines and dips REPEATO


:30 mosey to the base of stairs for Jacob’s Ladder:  0 merkins: 7 sumo squats…..1:6……all the way until 7:0


Gekko as new Q, and mosey to the fountain to get into teams of 3.


P1 runs the inner loop of the fountain while P2 and P3 do partner hand slap merkins.  Flapjack x 3.  Evolution #2 with partner hand slap WWI sit ups.  Flapjack x 3.


Break up into teams of seven:  Team 1 does AMRAP shoulder presses with the heavy pipe while Teams 2 and 3 run an out and back.  Flapjack x 3.


Mosey for home and do two 4-count flutters.


Arrive to a shovel flag which had been blasted down to the ground by a sprinkler = 20 burpees a man penalty!



Great crew today to celebrate F3 being on the Seattle side of things for two years.  We started 5/16/2016 with sparsely attended Mondays at MOHAI, and we had 21 guys out today + now 5 Seattle workouts a week = GROWTH!!!  Hats off to our current Site Q’s who are leading the charge:  529, Wooly Bugger, Kemp, DINK and Sundevil.


Promote a culture of growth by embodying the following quote/philosophy:  “When you’re green you’re growing, and when you’re ripe you’re dying on the vine.”  Always seeks growth opportunities and get outside of your comfort zone.


Excellent showing by the two FNG’s.  They both powered through their comfort zones.




-Be thinking of our guy Yard Sale.  Round #1 of chemo begins next week, and he will have a 5-day blast throughout his body for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  Then….he will have five more blasts.


-Dig Dug, Worthington and Santa head to DC to take down the 50-mile GoRuck event.  While we are working out on Saturday AM they will be near mile #35…..go get ‘em boys!


-Worthington Weekend Family Extravaganza:  6/22-24    RSVP now so Worthington knows how many buses to get for adults night out component of the weekend/food/etc.


-5/28:  No MOHAI or Grass Lawn workouts, instead we will do the Murph and play ultimate football at Kirkland Middle School.  Start time is 7AM.


FNG Divebar shared WoW.  He has been in Seattle for seven months now.  When in a new area or situation say “yes” to just about any new opportunity.  Also, he shared about his friend who endured 11 rounds of chemo for nose and throat cancer (Gekko initially thought he was going to make a broken nose joke at his expense).  Go big every day!