OTB New AO: Log Boom Park

Nine men showed up in the gloom at the top of the lake this morning and made themselves better.

The PAX: Gekko, Dunder, 529er, Lafleur, Worthington, Sea Bass(FNG), Narwhal(FNG), Lateral (LIFO), SPAM (Q).

Warmitup: Cotton Pickers 10 IC, Windmills 10 IC, SSH 20 IC, Merkins 10 IC, Plankorama 60 sec., Carolina Dry Docks 10 IC.

-Mosey to short wall for 10-20-30: Derkin, Incline Merkins, Dips.
-Jacob’s Ladder with Burpees over Catalina Wine Mixers (AKA Singlet Merkins–hi plank lo plank push up).
-Mosey to crow’s nest for 20 sumo squats OYO.
-Mosey to end of dock and split into teams of 3 for Dora 1-2-3. Teams completed 100 merkins, 200 lbcs, 300 squats, while one pax ran to end of dock and back ~100yds one way…maybe more. Cycle through until all reps complete.*

6MOM on the dock: Flutter 20 IC, Flutter arms up 20 IC, Brotractor 60sec, V-ups 10 IC.

WoW: Quote from composer Aaron Copland: “Inspiration may be a form of super-consciousness, or perhaps of subconsciousness–I wouldn’t know–but I am sure it is the antithesis of self-consciousness.” 

Who we are really meant to be and do–the really important things in our life–are discovered outside of “self-consciousness” and the worry about our status or what people think of us. Worthington pointed out that it is demonstrated by FNGs showing up and pushing to their limits with a group of men they don’t know (yet).  Make it a point to “lose track” of yourself a lot–it happens when you push yourself physically, it happens when you are really leading–ie focused on those you are responsible for and not what you look like to them (#Qsignup) but you can make it a habit too.  YHC suspects there is more happiness and more value at the antithesis of self-consciousness.


-Fantastic AO. Dock has lots of potential and during Dora, *FNG Sea Bass demonstrated that it is a tidy spot to spill the merlot! #feedingthefish, #thatswhyhisnameisseabass

-Hat tip to Lafleur for double FNGs EH’d on the inaugural day for the AO.

-Strong support from PAX for a successful first day–thank you!
-Kemp: Absent

-Same time same place next week, Lafleur on the Q!

YHC out!

Seattle PB&J

Seattle PB&J



Warm-o-Rama: SSH X 20, Merkins X 20, High Knees X 20, Butt Kickers X 20

Swiss Run around park.  Alternate jogging and sprinting

On the Pad, lunge to corner then 10 merkins.  Lunge to next corner for 15 merkins. Lunge to next then 20 merkins.  Lunge to start then 25 merkins.

Mosey to Platform

Decline merkin position.  Walk halfway around then back.

10/20/30 Box jumps/step ups/dips

Mosey to hill.

Sprint to top, do 5 pushups.

Sprint down for one four count SSH

Sprint up for 4 pushups, down for 2 SSH

Repeat until done.

Mosey to field

Hip Heists X 10,

3 MoM

Thoughts – although no one else showed, it was good to be out and be moving.

Afterwards went to Fremont Brewing.  It….was….packed. At first sat by myself, but people filled in.  Told them about F3. Guys dismissed it at first, but the ladies in the group said they could use some toughening up.  Keep spreading the word!!!

MOHAI Triple Crown

13 PAX got better Monday morning at MOHAI: Gekko, Kojak, Spellcheck, Samsonite, Stigmata, Talent, Meetup, Kemp, SPAM, 529’er (Q), Bangkok (q), Wooly Bugger (q), LaFleur (q)

NOTE: This was the maiden voyage of the “Triple Crown Q”. We had Bangkok, Wooly & LaFleur each do 10 minute “micro Q” segments during the workout. Primary Q led warm up, MoM, and “cool down” exercises in between each of the “micro Q” sets. I’ll be posting more info to Site Q’s directly as we refine this.

Warm up: SSH, Merkins, Squats, 10 burpees OYO.

Wooly’s 10 minute “micro Q”: 

– Partner up. As a pair, complete 100 sumo squats, 200 merkins, 300 squats & 6 laps (approx. 150M).

– My favorite part of this Q was that Wooly called what would have normally been half a workout. Classic! I don’t think anyone finished all of the exercises, but it felt like 25 minutes – not 10.

Cool down = 10 count, 12 burpees OYO, 30 LBC in cadence

Bangkok’s 10 minute “micro Q”: 

– His theme was “Hands always on the ground.

– Crab walk the length of the dock (approx. 60 meters). 20 merkins.

– Bear crawl back to start. 20 plank ups.

– Repeato with 40 reps at each end. Do as much as you can OYO before 10 min is up.

– This was simple, hard, and purely you vs. you. Great Q!

Cool down = 10 count, 14 burpees OYO.

LaFleur’s 10 minute “micro Q”: 

– 20 decline merkins, 100M jog, 20 decline merkins, 100M jog back to start

– Repeato circuit w/ 20 step ups.

– Repeato w/ decline merkins.

– I’m not going to lie, this one was sneaky. The decline / step up combo at the end of this workout was HARD. Hat tip to LaFleur for sneaky difficulty, as well as clear instruction to PAX.

Cool down: 2 min AMRAP step ups

MoM: 40x LBC (4 count with fast cadence)


– 2 “pilot” workouts going on this week. Exciting to see F3 starting to go viral! MOHAI 0530 on Thursday & Log Boom Park (Kenmore) 0530 on Friday.

– GoRuck light 6/2 @ 1400 hrs. Sign up. Get some.


Gekko shared his experience at the GrowRuck in Ohio over the weekend. Key points were:

– 115 PAX F3 workout was inspirational!

– Be proud to represent F3 Puget Sound wherever you go. There will always be people you can help with what you learn in the gloom.

Millennial Woes

In the light of predawn, eleven gathered for the promise of an easy workout.


Dilfer, Drydock, Spotlight, Jar Jar, Dial-up, Joystick, Guerro, Alexa, Xbox, Thriftshop, Dig Dug(Q)



– x30 SSH, x10 Cotton Picker, x20 Mountain Climber, x10 Bird Dog

Mosey to Soccer Field

ALERT!!! Millennial!!! ALERT!!!

x100 each, with 100m run between each set

(1)SSH, (2) Lunges, (3) Merkins, (4) Flutter, (5)Arm Raises, (6) Mountain Climbers, (7) Squats, (8) LBC, (9) Carolina Drydock, (10) Burpees (Circle Jerk, each man with the opportunity to be the jerk)

Mosey to Flag

6MOM – Led by Alexa

x20 LBC, x20 Oblique Crunch, x10 WWII, Brotractor


Jar Jar blatantly misinterpreting leading us off on the 10 Burpees as an opportunity to count to 10 and act confused was awesome and a well timed break in the action. Good call, brother.

Spotlight with the run to each of the PAX for a single count Burpee hand-slap was a welcome change-up and made those last burpees much easier.

Guerro returns to Monday! Great to see you out brother 🙂

Alexa continually asking if we were done with 6MOM while he led it was a delightful treat


Mohai this Thursday, 5:30!
Kenmore this Friday, Log Boom Park, 5:30!
Choose your Saturday workout; Gasworks, Tacoma, Heritage Park, Bellevue, or KiMS … maybe more choices soon?

Digdug passes the Shovel Flag! Moving forward Alexa is the Site-Q for Grasslawn and Digdug can be found at Bellevue on Saturdays. It’s been an honor leading this site for the last 8 months. Wow, has it been that long? ….


F3 is an excellent place to practice leadership. Take advantage. It’s a secure place to get in front of your peers and lead. It’s the gift that will continually give, as you being to find other areas of your life where you can step up and lead. Get some.

Retire to Coffeeteria.

1 lap in the rain

6 came to Bellevue and got better:

PAX: Dial-up, Dilfer, FNG Jughead, Blue, Spam, Xbox (Q)

Thanks to Blue, we had a couple sandbag options: 40 & 60lbs.

Warmup: Pick up the bags and mosey clockwise to the stairs. 10 IC Cotton Pickers, 5 Burpees, 10 IC Windmills, 5 Burpees, 15 IC Arm circles and flapjack.

Thang: We backed up just a wee bit to start at a bridge (you wouldn’t believe how many bridges go around this track). We broke into groups of three. One person grabs a sandbag and mosies to the next bridge while the other two exercise. We switched between leg, chest, abdominals, and burpees until we completed a full lap.

Luckily we completed right near the ramp. We paired up. 1s picked up the bags and ran up one side of the ramp and down the other while 2s and 3s did AMRAP 10 Merkins, 20 Sumo Squats, and 30 LBCs. 2s next and then 3s continuing AMRAP.

Now since one guy carried a light bag and one a heavy, we all needed another lap so everyone got opportunity to carry both. As YHC was thinking of what to do after 5 Burpees, Dilfer said nothing, so YHC agreed: AMRAP 5 Burpees this round.

Mosey to the stairs and dropped the bags. Next, we decided to do Jacob’s Ladder up the stairs and since Burpees were a hit, we did Jillian Michaels on top and Burpees on the bottom.

5 MoM: 20 IC Flutters, Rosalitas, and Dollies. 10 count by Spam and 10 count by Jughead. Still 1 minute to go, so we planned to the end.

Announcements: New workout in Kenmore on Fridays. Big day at Field 5 in Redmond: 5 FNGs with 11 total.

YHC gave Jughead the F3 schpeel. WoW: don’t be a #SadClown.

Always a privilege to lead you men.

4/28 – KiMS Bootcamp

12 dudes crushed it on a very PNWish morning at KiMS / Crestwoods.

The PAX: ACDC, Genie, Olaf, Wolf, Worthington, Maybe, Jar Jar, Foley, Joystick, Kramer, Gilligan, Lateral (Q).

The workout:
– warm up lap around the track
– SSH, squats, merkins, mtn climbers, burpees
– mosey to planters and partner up. 3 rounds of exercise/make your way up the driveway (bear crawls/step ups; box jumps/merkins; defensive slides/russisn twists)
-mosey to the track for 1.25 laps of catch me if you can
– mosey to the playground, groups of three crushed 30 pull ups, 150 skaters and 150 squats)
– mosey to the baseball fields, groups of three – 2 amrap an exercise while the third runs to/fro the fence and does burpees (hand slap merkins, jumping lunges, flutters)
– some ab work plus push ups
– jack webbs (arms and legs)
– mosey to the track for a cool down lap, swedish style
– 3 MoM

– Wolf encouraged everyone to ask for help if needed, rather than go solo. 6am coffee on Saturdays a good olace to do it
– Olaf talked about stepping back and making sure you’re living life like you want to; if not, dont be afraid to make a change.

Heritage Park workout

It was a cold and rainy morning but 13 brave men met at Heritage Park to have some fun.  With a VQ no less!

The Pax:

Grissom (vQ)
Putt Putt
Comb Over
The Dude
Star lord

The beat down:

SSH, imperial walkers, arm circles, LBCs, merkins.

Catch Me if You Can with diamond merkins

Red Barchetta (ouch)

Dips at the Heritage House courtyard

Jack Webb in the actogon (feeling the burn just reading this far, right?)

Partner up for alternating: parking lot lap with step ups, box jumps, and inclines.

Visit the dock for some squats, lunges, and Jillian  Michaels.

Finish in the actogon with LBCs, obliques, flutter kick, and protractor.

The Dude shared some wisdom and reminded us to be present and don’t dwell on the past.


the Base 2 Space run up the space needle registration is open.  Event is September 30th.  Sign up and link to the F3 Puget Sound 2018 team.   Grissom to send separate blast.

Worthington is hosting a weekend event and invited F3 to his house by wine county.  Social, wine tasting, fun, ….  See his blast for more details.

Logboom Park in Kenmore is getting a test AO.   Spam will Q the workout.  My apologies for not remembering the date so I’ll check to see what’s planned

Great seeing everyone at the workout and Zoka’s For coffee!






11 men on the field

Eleven men met at the soccer field to get fit. Biggest crowd yet at Field 5 with 5 FNGs!



FSBO, Naal, Earl, Gorkha, Xbox, Frigid (FNG), Beckham (FNG), POG (FNG), Siete (FNG), Skip (FNG – LIFO) Thrift Shop (Q)



SSH (20)

Arm Circles: forward — small & large, forward & reverse (10 each)

Mountain Climbers (20)



Four Corners: PAX jog to one corner of the field, perform 10 squats OYO, repeat for the other three corners of the field


Red Barchetta

PAX runs a distance on the field, runs back to the starting line, and then does an exercise:

100 yards (full length), 100 SSH

75 yards, 75 Mountain Climbers

50 yards, 50 LBCs

25 yards, 20 Merkins

10 yards, 10 Burpees


Tammy Wynette

PAX breaks up into pairs

One man in each pair performs 10 Merkins while his partner performs 10 squats in cadence

Partners switch exercises every 10 reps until they have completed 100 reps each



Flutters (20)

Upstate Box-Cutters (20)

Low plank (60 sec)

Leg stretches



Reiterated philosophy of F3 for FNGs (esp. “leave no man behind”)

So many FNGs! Great!


Hot and Sweaty Thursday out at the Kirkland PB&J

The PAX (11):  Snip, Ventura, ACDC, Hail, Worthington, Dunder, FullRide (FNG), Starlord, Bodie, Alexa, Mifflin (Q).

Warmup:  SSH/Merks/Littlebabyarmcircles/Burpees


10/20/30 – Decline, Incline, Dips

10/30 – Box Jumps, Step Ups (2X)

THE Jack Web

Google Lap – Team of 2 calls exercise then runs a lap, switch until complete

Amrap Imperial Walker, LBC, plankjacks, flutter, mountain climbers

5 pull ups


Wall sits for half the group while the other run a Google Lap and switch

Bear Crawls 50 yards

Crab Walk 50 yards

Line up in plank – man in back bear crawls to the front – team does 1 pushup – repeat through all 11

THE Lt. Dan

Run Google Lap

5 burpees

Couple minutes of Mary

Words:  ACDC “Don’t drop a 400 lb. pole on your arm”.  Pushed the PB&J crew to get out in the morning – my best and most efficient days are when I start with out with an F3 workout.


…and Bears. Oh my!

It was a great morning to get out of the fartsack. 11 guys chose to do so.

The PAX: Xbox, SPAM, Salsa, Santa, Dunder, Mifflin, Goats, Magic, Worthington, Dig Dug, Hollywood (Q)

Sizing up this group, I knew that this was one of the strongest collections of HIMs I’d have to honor of leading in quite some time. We all got after it…

Warmup with SSH, Merkins, Mtn. Climbers, 10 Burpees (OYO), 10 Jillian Michaels (OYO).

Red-bear-chetta+ (Yep…those 5 Jillian Michaels at the end were something else.)

Mosey to lower stairs, take a left turn all the way down to the baseball field.

Half the group wall sits, the other half Bear crawls up the stairs, 5 merkins at the top, and bear crawl back down. Flapjack when the entire group is in. (High 5’s ensued.)

Mosey up the steps, to the bottom of the salmon ladder…decision was then made to head to the track.

4 corners with 15 jumping lunges.

Bear crawl the football field from one sideline to the other. (Hey this field is really nice turf. We are so spoiled up here in Woodinville…you should join us.)

Crabwalk back. (Salsa did some A/B testing and determined that both forward and backwards both suck.)

Level Jacob’s Ladder  – sideline to side line…no stairs this time…so this was “really easy.” – Merkins & Sumo Squats.  (High 5’s ensued once again.)

WMD sets of merkins. (Wide, Medium, Diamond) – 5 each.

Lt. Dan – All the way up and all the way down. Dig Dug got mouthy about my squats, and my ability to count. I reminded him that Q’s get to do whatever the heck we want.

Mosey back to the start for CoT. Did I say mosey…called an audible and had the PAX run at an AYG pace across the field. Then a quick few minutes of WWI sit-ups and flutters.  (Surprisingly, Santa complained here. I had instructed him to give all ya got, and then threw 6MOM at him. Yep…that’s exactly what I did.)

We were done at that point.


Worthington’s Weekend is a month away. Let him know if you’re going. Sign up soon on the Facebook events section.

With the weather getting great, and the sun coming up so early…now is the time to EH those guys who need this. Give the F3 gift to someone ASAP!

Get out there and Q. It’s really great. Santa volunteered for Woodinville next week!

Comz – Everyone should have received a notice from the REMIND App…if you did not…go to f3newguy.com and enter your information there.


Life is all about your perception of it.  Here’s a joke:

You only have two things in life to worry about: either you are sick, or you are well. If you’re well, you’ve got nothing to worry about; if you’re sick…you only have two things to worry about: Either you’re going to get better, or you’re going to die.  If you’re going to get better…you have nothing to worry about; if you’re going to die…you only have two things to worry about; Your’re going to heaven or you’re going to hell. If you’re going to heaven…you have nothing to worry about; if you’re going to hell…well you’ll be so busy shaking hands with old friends that you have nothing to worry about.