We Conquered Cindy

13 HIM’s emerged from the gloom to start their week with some quality time with Cindy and her little friends the 60lb sandbag and the 45 lb kettlebell.

PAX: Dilfur, Magic, MASH, Jar Jar, Singlet, FSBO, Dial-Up, Drama, Xbox, Spot Light, Dry Dock, Dig Dug(Q), ???


CoP: SSH, Cotton Pickers, Arm Circles, Pretzels, Dubs, Hands-up Squat

Weights were carried to all locations. Even though it weighed less, the Kettlebell won MVP.

Mosey to Tennis Courts. Partner up. P1 balls to the wall, P2 sprint length of the courts and back. Flapjack. Repeato x3.

Form teams of 3. P1 & P2 hand-slap merksin, P3 run half the court, x10 squats. Rotate until everyone has done squats.

Mosey to playground.

AMRAP Cindy(5 Pullups, 10 Merkins, 20 Squats = 1 round) while two men walk/run a circuit carrying weights. Continue until everyone has carried weight.

6MOM – Continue rotation of weight carrying. Those carrying the weight call out the exercise for the PAX … Flutters, ABC’s, LBC’s.


Great to see Magic & Dial-up out! Welcome back, Kotters.

Drama and XBox looking snazzy with their new haircuts.

Dilfur’s style of carrying the Kettlebell is a unique.

Xbox complaining about his “Quads being smoked before we even started” may have been the highlight of my morning.


New Saturday Workouts being Tested – Heritage Park & Bellevue
OTB Ruck on Friday’s with MASH and 7-Layer


From Dilfur: “You’ve got to get dirty to be clean”

What this means to Dilfur is that no progress our outcomes come without sacrifice. Choose well, choose wisely.

We then retired to coffeeteria.


Crawlin’ to Saturday

4 HIM’s got better today at MSFT. You know it’s good when XBox complains.

PAX: Nall, Schnitzel, XBox, Digdug(Q)

CoP- SSH, Cotton Pickers, “Dubs”, Good Mornings, Mountain Climbers, Merkins

50 yd Red Bearchetta

“Crawl Plank”
Partner up. P1 crawl bear 30 yards, P2 planks. Flapjack. Repeat left plank, right plank with crab walk and more crawl bear.

Mosey around field.

“Slinky Sprint”
Partner up. P1 sprints to 50 yard line and signals. P2 sprints to 50 yard line, when reaching 50 yard line P1 then sprints to 100 yard line. Repeat for a total of 200 yards.

Swedish Mile to volley ball courts for some sand action.

“Crabs walk in sand … so should we!”
Bear Crawl around volleyball court. Reverse, crawl bear halfway, then crab walk the rest. A sandy adventure to be sure.

Mosey to start for 6MOM of Flutter x20 -> LBC x15 -> Roselitta x15-> Dolly x15 -> LBC x15 -> American Hammer -> LBC x30

Xbox’s bear crawl is a sight to behold. Looks like some sort of gorilla more than a bear. He also crab walks backwards … or does he? Hmm.

Nall showed incredible fortitude, never giving up despite some ambitious calls by the Q. Crab walking in sand is authentic and … brutal.

Schnitzel bailed on a meeting to come join us … and we were all better for it. Thank you, Schnitzel.

Bellevue AO test 7 AM saturday

You are responsible for everything that happens in your life. It’s easy to play the victim when things go wrong and to feel as if it was all your doing when things go right. Issues with the M? You married her, dude. Issues with kids? You decided to have them and be their parent. Fat and out of shape? That’s on you, buddy.

Own it. And thru owning it, improve it or make the necessary changes. You’re responsible.

Woodinville – Q’d by Salsa: Jacob on the Salmon

“Jacob’s Ladder on the Salmon Ladder…”
8 guys got after it this morning in Woodinville (and it was relatively dry again!)

The PAX: SPAM, Goats, Magic, Hurley, Hollywood, XBox, Worthington, Salsa (Q)

The Thang:

Warmup with 20’s of…: SSH, Merkins, Squats, Sumo Squats. Then arms of pain 20 each of…: little baby arm circles forward and back, then medium circles forward and back, seal claps, arm raises. There was a warm burning sensation…. 🙂

Then we mosied to the outside seating eating area behind the cafeteria to continue the warmup and we completed the following: 10 Decline Merkins, 20 Incline Merkins, 30 Step Ups.

Now the really fun part…
“Jacob’s Ladder (JL) on the Salmon Ladder (SL)…”
I asked the Pax, what should we do at the top & Hollywood offered first “Burpees” (oh boy!, I thought), then I asked the Pax how about the bottom, then SPAM said let’s do burpees also (seriously?!), fortunately Worthington said we should have some variety, so then someone else said Jillian Michael’s (OMG!), all I could do was nervously chuckle and state at least it’s not burpees?!… So we did and we ran up to the railing 6 burpees & then back down 1 Jillian Michael, then 5-2, 4-3, etc. I asked for 10 count twice after that. :O

Then we mosied to the track…
And we did 4 corners once around the track, initially I thought 10 of something then 400M x 4, but after doing the JL on the SL…, 100M then 10 something x 4 was more agreeable to me, there was mubble chatter that it should have been a full lap instead quaters (ha ha). 1st corner: 10 Merkins, 2nd corner: 10 WW1s, 3rd corner: 10 Sumo Squats, 4th corner: 10 Burpees.

Then we mosied back the covered area…

Since we still had about 10+ min left, we finished with the following…

Balls-to-the-Wall 30 sec hold, then while still against the wall 30 mountain climbers. Next we did various portions of PYS…
30 Bicycle Situps, then 30 Flutters.
Protatractor: 30deg, 10deg, then protractor 30deg again, then scissors @30deg, Scissors @10deg

Then 60 sec plank, then each HIM would count down from 10 to 1 and lead a side plank hold and then we switched to the other side until all 8 of us each counted down once.

Then we were done! (Literally and figuratively for me personally, ha ha)

Bellevue Park led by XBox
Sat 7am
Workout Test AO
9am Q School
June 22-24 Worthington place Eastern Washington please if you will attend
PB&J Westside tonight in Seattle
PB&J Eastside tonight in Krikland

Check out www.f3pugetsound.com for all Q sign-ups, backblasts, and location information.

If you don’t rise to the occassion
Then you sink to the level of your training
Had a workout plan that hugged the building, threw it out once I saw that it was not raining…
“When in doubt ask the Pax”

Next week: Dig Dug has the Q. Spam is the backup Q.


Tour de Pt. Defiance

A very wet Wednesday night Defiance workout included a guest from Kirkland! AC/DC was in Grit City for work and joined us. The Pax: AC/DC, Frenchy, Linus, Lunger (Q) and DDT.

The Q decided to run the group to different “sites” around the park and share history and facts about the park between workouts. Now you get to experience this momentous event.

SSH, StormTroopers and 400m run

The Thang
Park fact: Pt. Defiance is 760 acres – around 80 acres smaller than Central Park
At the statue of our Patron Saint Francis Cushman dips and squats – 30 each
Mosey to the tennis courts
Park fact: Pt. Defiance was originally a military installation in the 1840s
Four Corners: 10 burpees, crab walk to corner 2, then 20 Mericans, Bear crawl to corner 3, 30 lunges, then broad jumps to corner 4, rather than do 40 Russian Twists at the court in the wet we moseyed to the Pagoda and did the twists under the eave.
Park fact: There is an old growth forest in the park including a 450-year-old Doug Fir.
Sides and ends: Sprint the sides of the pagoda, burpee broad jump the ends, do that three times
Mosey to the playground
Park fact: Electric street cars used to bring people to the park in the early 20th century.
Pullups – 5 reps x 3
Step ups – 20 x 3
Mosey to the rose garden
Park fact: Grover Cleveland approved the creation of the park in the 1880s.
A bunch of push ups: incline, decline, regular
Mosey to the flag
Park fact: 3.1 million visitors come to the park each year
Sandbag carries! to the big-ass tree at the other end of the grassy area
Do some ab stuff there (Q is getting tired at this point).
Overhead SB carry back to flag.

Frenchy had great words about getting affirmation and encouragement from someone who you truly respect or has a formative role in your life.

Retired to Coles for food and drink.
Thanks to AC/DC for coming out! We like to show Defiance off to our brothers up north. It’s a short drive down the road. Join us!

Space Needle- Worthington VQ Beatdown

12 HIM got after it this am at “The Needle”
Q- Worthington-This was both my SNFT (Space Needle First Time) and my SNVQ (Space Needle Virgin Q)… After this workout I may not be invited back…
PAX: Wooly Bugger, Gecko, Talent, 529’er, Dig Dug, Yard Sale, Hurley, Bankok, Squid, Spellcheck, Meet Up
Warm Ups: SSH, Squats, Mountain Climbers, Merkins
Initial Announcements- I didn’t want my VQ to be too hard on the PAX so I told them no planking if they finish early, but to take a “Seat”…. Air Chair at every break, 10 burpee penalty for standing…
The Thang- Mosey to the “lid”, they call it the stage, I’m sticking with the “lid”. It’s a memorial workout:
In Honor of Myself: Partner Wheelbarrow the steps, run the lid, wheelbarrow down, airchair wait on the six.
In Honor of Alright, Alright, Alright (Kishore Alright): run the steps, lunge walk the lid, stairs, airchair wait on the six.
In Honor of Drama (Jake Thomas): run the stairs, 10 burpees at each landing, airchair wait on the six.
In Honor of AP (Jason Silverstein) run the stairs, bear crawl the lid, airchair wait on the six.
In Honor of Gecko (Scott Gekko) run the stairs, balls to the wall 30 seconds slow count, airchair wait on the six.
In Honor of Squid (Layton Miller) run the stairs, balls to the walls mountain climbers, airchair wait on the six.
And Because this was all backwards, run it all in reverse, for the PAX in the front 10 Merkins at each landing (F3 guys don’t give up, every guy must have thought they were at the front as each stepped up to the Merkin Challenge!), airchair wait on the six.
Mosey to the flag for 3MOM: 20 count LBC and 60 count flutters(lots of moaning on this one…).
Great group of guys, lots of mumblechatter and the teamwork with the Six was inspiring!
Announcements: Bellevue Park Sat workout and Q school afterwards, Family Weekend June 21st: Check Facebook for both.
WOW: I shared the value of F3 and specifically the 2nd F as I was blessed to have a fellow F3 Brother (Mike Dig Dug) pay me a visit in Richland and our families got to spend some time together and we got in an OTB workout. Reach out to your fellow PAX!

It’s our Credo

5 showed up to get better….and did.

PAX: Jar Jar, Spotlight, Hollywood, Dry Dock, Xbox (Q)

Dry Dock, Spotlight, and Hollywood got 4 miles and Jar Jar and I got closer to 3.

WoW: Jar Jar felt bad that I stayed back to walk/run with him. I reminded everyone of our Credo, which is not a rule but an action a man takes in support of another man: #thirdF #fromtheheart.

Check out @F3Nation’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/F3Nation/status/953246061883248640?s=09

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.

Burpee Fest… Sort of

We had eleven men show up for the so called Burpee Fest. The name suggests many, many burpees were completed. However, Burpee Fest was about loving all a burpee has to offer, not doing as many as possible. Anyway, the pax included: Drama (Q), Thriftshop, Jar Jar, AP, Alexa, Singlet, MASH, Tardy, Xbox, Spotlight, and Jermaine.

The workout:

Warm-up mosey to the beloved tennis courts. Did butt kickers, high knees, reaching hand straight out and kicking with opposite leg, karaoke (both directions), and high knee jumps.

On tennis courts:

Circled up and did ten, six point burpees:

Squat, high plank, push up down, high plank, squat, jump.

However, going around in a circle, we would not proceed to the next position until the person said “next.” Some would say next immediately, others enjoyed watching us struggle to hold certain positions.

Next: run to end of first tennis court, 5 HR murkens, run back. Then run two tennis courts, 10 HR murkens, run back. Then run three tennis courts, 15 HR murkens, run back.

10 six point burpees (except replace push up down with plank down). Done in same method.

4 corners around entire tennis court area, 10 squats each corner.

10 six point burpees (except replace push up down with all the way down to stomach for HR murken). Done in same method.

Bear crawl one tennis court, run the other 5 to fence, then run back across all 6 to other fence. Do again but this time bear crawl two tennis courts.

Mosey to lower parking lot. One partner runs a lap and does 5 HR murkens, other does AMRAP slow 6 point burpees. Two laps for each partner.

Mosey to near start. Three minutes of jumping squats where we go around in a circle saying “next.” First next means hold it down, then the following next means jump up. Following this we ended with two minutes of a similar workout, but with pushups.

WoW: try to set a goal once per month that is physical AND also a goal that is about your family.






Here comes the rain again, falling on my head like a memory…

KiMS – Saturday 04 07 18

22 HIMs weren’t afeared of no stinkin’ rain.

The PAX:  XBox, AP, SPAM, Razor, Simmons, Olaf, Gilligan, Elroy, Rivet, Lateral, Jar Jar, Maybe, Alexa, Joystick (Kotter), Drama, Hollywood (Q), Blue, Wolf, Kojak, Swinger, Foley, Worthington

The Thang:

Warm-up with: SSH, Merkins, Mtn. Climbers, Squats (Woodinville Style)

Mosey round the corner underneath a bit of cover for the real work to begin!

PYS – Reps of 15…say it with me: It’s easy, because….its laying down.

Arms of Pain – 20 reps – little circles forward, little circles back, big forward, big back, seal claps, shoulder presses, pretzels.

10-20-30: Declines, Inclines, Dips

Split into 3 groups – Wall Sit, Amrap SSH, Jog to bollards for 5 Jillian Michaels. Rotate when the Jillian Michaels groups jogs back for wall sits.  Hit all 3 stations.

Mosey up and around to the Santa’s Ladder parking lot…for…a full series of Santa’s Ladder – Burpees & Merkins, then Merkins & Burpees.

Mosey all the way around the school, and those who so chose can add High Knees in to the mosey.  Back to 6MoM –

6MoM – American Hammer passing a found baseball twice around entire circle. Slow Bicycle, LBCs, Flutters, and Bro-tractor.



Q School in Bellevue next Saturday 4/14 – Talk to XBox, or AP for details.

Worthington’s family weekend – Late June in Richland, WA – Talk to Worthington for details.

3rd F conversation is every Saturday 6AM – Location moving to Juanita Starbucks. Talk to Wolf or Kojak for details.

WoW: SPAM, Xbox, AP and Alexa spoke on the power of being Q. It’s an honor to do it, and its a gift back to the PAX. Learning to Q will help you elsewhere in your life. Do it.

It was an honor to lead the men today…and as is so often the case…the rain deluge halted for us for one hour. So glad to have made it out this morning. Thanks to the PAX always.



Three Men and a Soccer Field

Three men met for an OTB workout at Microsoft.

PAX:  Xbox, Little Dog, Thrift Shop (Q)

The Thang:

Warm up  — SSH, Merkins, Squats, Mountain Climbers

4 corners — in each corner of the field, one man did Squats while the others did Burpees.

Mosey to baseball field — Take turns running a lap around the field while the others do Dips.  Repeat with Incline Push-ups.

Mosey to soccer field — take turns running the length of the field while the other men do exercises.  100 WW1s, then 200 Squats then 20 Burpees.

Take turns running from goal line to center field while the others hold in Plank.  Repeat with Low Plank.

Run backward from goal line to center field then Lunge Walk back to goal line.  Repeat.

Cool Down:  American Hammers, Bicycles

Words:  Xbox shared that in order to build a trusting relationship you must allow yourself to be vulnerable.  Great advice, Xbox!

Balmy Wet Thursday out at the Kirkland PB&J

The PAX (7):  Schnitzel, Rocky, Razor, Hail, Snip, Dunder, Mifflin (Q).

Warmup:  SSH/Merks/PrisonerSquats/ImperialWalkers

Headed North on the Cross Kirkland Corridor Trail – uncharted territory

Swedish Run – 10 burps

Swedish Run – 10/20/30

Swedish Run – Squats

Swedish Run – 10/20/30

Found a big hill – Partnered up, sprint to the top while partner did abs 2X

Swedish Run – 20 Lunges

Swedish Run – 10/20/30

Swedish Run – Squats

Swedish Run – ImperialWalkers

Found Stairs – Ran them 3X

Swedish Run Back with multiple stops for random exercises.

Words:  People don’t remember the words you say – they remember how you make them feel.