Toeing the line of failure

Pax of 32 posted for the official launch of Heritage Park.

Body Shop, Lateral, Combover, Falcon, Valdez, Shark Bait, Maybe, Kramer, yo Adrian, Kojack, Sleepless(FNG),The Hoff(FNG), Rivet, Bam Bam, Elroy, Guerro, Alexa, Buckeye, Germaine, 

Ga Ga(FNG), Wipeout(FNG)

Hollywood, Wolf, Magic, Grissom, Swinger, The Dude, Goose, StarLord, AC/DC, 

and Singlet on the Q



  -20 SSH

  -10 hr/plyo mericans

  -10 delay jump squats

  -lap around trail with inside/outside shuffle, skip and inside/outside karaoke 

 Sprint pyramid 

  AYG 100 yds, jog the rest of the lap  back to start 

  AYG 150, jog the rest

  AYG 200, jog the rest 

  AYG 150, jog the rest 

  AYG 100, jog the rest 

Mosey to bottom of hill for crawl laps- bear, crab, side and crawl bear

Partner up for 1 lap of crawling catch me if you can. 1 does 10 burpees while 2 bear crawls trail. 1 the runs to meet 2. Flapjack 


  10 “Scared Cats”

  20 LBC

  10 Supermans 

  L and R Beauty Queen stretch 

We had some strong FNGs out there this morning. Nice to see some new faces pushing the group.


  Magic- 5K mud run tmw

  2.0 workout at KIMS/Crestwoods 0900 6/16

  Worthington’s family weekend in Richland last weekend of June.

  50 mile ruck in August- check with Wolf

  Custom tough ruck in Oct-Buckeye

I didn’t get any words in but just wanted to offer my thanks to the group for the feedback and support on the coaching app this week. I’m one lucky SOB to have the opportunity to lean on you all…and lead you in a beat down from time to time. Enjoy the weekend fellas!