Seattle PB&J

Seattle PB&J



Warm-o-Rama: SSH X 20, Merkins X 20, High Knees X 20, Butt Kickers X 20

Swiss Run around park.  Alternate jogging and sprinting

On the Pad, lunge to corner then 10 merkins.  Lunge to next corner for 15 merkins. Lunge to next then 20 merkins.  Lunge to start then 25 merkins.

Mosey to Platform

Decline merkin position.  Walk halfway around then back.

10/20/30 Box jumps/step ups/dips

Mosey to hill.

Sprint to top, do 5 pushups.

Sprint down for one four count SSH

Sprint up for 4 pushups, down for 2 SSH

Repeat until done.

Mosey to field

Hip Heists X 10,

3 MoM

Thoughts – although no one else showed, it was good to be out and be moving.

Afterwards went to Fremont Brewing.  It….was….packed. At first sat by myself, but people filled in.  Told them about F3. Guys dismissed it at first, but the ladies in the group said they could use some toughening up.  Keep spreading the word!!!