MOHI 8/2

PAX 1. Bangkok (Q)

Standing  alone in front of MOHI at 5:30, I was at a cross roads. Do I continue with my original W/O plan of the Millennial?  I would have to do every exercise to the full 100 and I have nobody to push me. Screw it,

The Thang: The Personal Millennial (TPM ),  100 of 10 exercises, after the completion of each exercise, run around the museum.  1000 exercises activities, 10 times around the museum.

1st exercise is the side straddle hop.

2nd. The merkin

3rd Sumo squat

4th Incline merkin

5th LBC

6th decline merkin

7th step ups

8th dips

9th WW1’s

At the completion of my WW1″s and  (they killed me, i used the large dock cleats to lock my feet to the ground) I looked at my watch for the first time. It was 6:15 on the button. I knew I could not complete 100 berpies in short order to complete the Millennial, so I ran around the building and completed the

10th exercise, The Russian hammer

last run around the building, the end.

Time. 6:21, 51 minutes.

WOW, I can not believe I just did that, 7 months ago I could not do 5 sit ups! I need a Beer!