MOHAI Triple Crown

13 PAX got better Monday morning at MOHAI: Gekko, Kojak, Spellcheck, Samsonite, Stigmata, Talent, Meetup, Kemp, SPAM, 529’er (Q), Bangkok (q), Wooly Bugger (q), LaFleur (q)

NOTE: This was the maiden voyage of the “Triple Crown Q”. We had Bangkok, Wooly & LaFleur each do 10 minute “micro Q” segments during the workout. Primary Q led warm up, MoM, and “cool down” exercises in between each of the “micro Q” sets. I’ll be posting more info to Site Q’s directly as we refine this.

Warm up: SSH, Merkins, Squats, 10 burpees OYO.

Wooly’s 10 minute “micro Q”: 

– Partner up. As a pair, complete 100 sumo squats, 200 merkins, 300 squats & 6 laps (approx. 150M).

– My favorite part of this Q was that Wooly called what would have normally been half a workout. Classic! I don’t think anyone finished all of the exercises, but it felt like 25 minutes – not 10.

Cool down = 10 count, 12 burpees OYO, 30 LBC in cadence

Bangkok’s 10 minute “micro Q”: 

– His theme was “Hands always on the ground.

– Crab walk the length of the dock (approx. 60 meters). 20 merkins.

– Bear crawl back to start. 20 plank ups.

– Repeato with 40 reps at each end. Do as much as you can OYO before 10 min is up.

– This was simple, hard, and purely you vs. you. Great Q!

Cool down = 10 count, 14 burpees OYO.

LaFleur’s 10 minute “micro Q”: 

– 20 decline merkins, 100M jog, 20 decline merkins, 100M jog back to start

– Repeato circuit w/ 20 step ups.

– Repeato w/ decline merkins.

– I’m not going to lie, this one was sneaky. The decline / step up combo at the end of this workout was HARD. Hat tip to LaFleur for sneaky difficulty, as well as clear instruction to PAX.

Cool down: 2 min AMRAP step ups

MoM: 40x LBC (4 count with fast cadence)


– 2 “pilot” workouts going on this week. Exciting to see F3 starting to go viral! MOHAI 0530 on Thursday & Log Boom Park (Kenmore) 0530 on Friday.

– GoRuck light 6/2 @ 1400 hrs. Sign up. Get some.


Gekko shared his experience at the GrowRuck in Ohio over the weekend. Key points were:

– 115 PAX F3 workout was inspirational!

– Be proud to represent F3 Puget Sound wherever you go. There will always be people you can help with what you learn in the gloom.