MOHAI 7/30 – Triple Q

10 PAX got after it Monday @ MOHAI: Gekko, Hurley, Worthington, Talent, Big City, Wooly Bugger, SPAM, Bangkok, LaFleur, 529’er (Q)


SSH, LBC fast cadence x 100

SPAM Q (10 min):

– BMW (Burpee, Merkin, WWI) 4 corners around MOHAI building. Reps at each corner: 5, 10, 15, 20.

529’er Q (10 min):

– Slowest Swedish Mile. PAX in single file line holding V-Up position. Crawl bear from back to front. Repeato for 8 min.

– Inchworm plank-up Merkins x 5 OYO

Recovery Fast Cadence LBCs x 100

Big City Q (10 min):

Partner up. Partner 1 does exercises, partner 2 holds plank. Switch.

– Exercise 1: 21/15/9 (21 merkins, 21 squats, 15 merkins, 15 squats, etc).

– Exercise 2: 30m lunge walk


Oblique crunch


– August 4th 3rd F workout @ Linus’s House. Support one of the most selfless and dedicated men in this country (not exaggerating). See FB or ping @gekko on Slack for details.

8/17GoRuck Star Course 50 Miler

9/22Tough Mudder

10/19Custom GoRuck Tough for F3. Sign up via link:


LaFleur shared that the 3rd quarter is always the hardest. Tired, lost focus, no end in sight. Push through to the 4th quarter and it will get better!