Manly Men @ KiMS

18 manly men did not cower in their fart sacks this morning; instead, they posted to get PUMPED UP.

Pax: SPAM, Gilligan, Kramer, Hail, Alexa, Bam Bam, Drama, Buckeye, Schnitzel, FSBO, Gift Box, Singlet, Simmons, Spotlight, Brady, AC/DC, The Dude, and Dilfer (Q)

Warm Up
Little baby arm circles
Big manly arm circles
Repeato backwards
Cotton pickers
Leg swings
Side straddle hop

Mosey to planters
Back extensions w partners

Mosey lap around track to cinder blocks

Everyone gets a cinderblock

Mosey to football field in zone

Step ups on ball of foot (switch feet in mid-air)
Russian jig (on heels)
Lateral step ups (alt feet)
Power cleans
Round the head each way x 5
Bicep curls
sumo squats
Hand Release Cinder Press
Standing single arm Lat Rows
Kettle Swings through legs
Low plank with one elbow in cinder, opp leg up
Flapjack, repeato x 10
Weighted LBC Toe touch
American Hammers with cinder

Partner up in end zone.
One partner works down field throwing cinder while P2 sprints to opp end zone and back to partner. I’ll call it the Scottish Toss
Flapjack x until opp end zone is reached by cinderblock.
Run with cider back to shed

Mosey to COT

Step up to Q
AC/DC to Q Heritage in Saturday
6am Sat 3rd F & Houghton Starbucks

Brady’s Fad just died yesterday and so he will not be posting Sat. Please keep him in thoughts and prayers

Dilfer said if he can Q, anyone can. You don’t have to be fastest or strongest. Work with site Q to design workout you can lead or co-lead that plays to your strengths.

Dilfer shared that his oldest (7) just got diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, which is a relief because labels can actually open doors with additional resources. Don’t ignore something because you are scared of labels. This is especially true in mental health where men traditionally are in denial and isolate. Depression, anxiety, etc are all treatable and doesn’t have to involve meds if you adverse to meds. Name your fears and struggles… that is the first step.

Great to lead you men!