KiMS December To Remember Kick-Off

13 Men Showed up and warmed up together on a not-too-wet not-too-cold Saturday AM to kick off the month with some holiday cheer and a sprinkling of holiday themed exercise and PYS.

PAX:  Alexa, Foley, Kramer, LegalZoom, Hansel, Gilligan, Wham-O, Blue Steel, Gemaine, Ping Pong, Cramps,  FNG Soap, Tardy (Q)


SSH, Imperial Walkers, Low squat cross body punches, mountain climbers, downward-dog. Mosey to front entrance parking lot…

The Thang:

– Santa’s Ladder!   Run to end of parking lot, perform 10 burpees, return to start. Repeat, performing 9, 8, 7, 6 burpees at each lap.  At lap 5, switch to Merkins, performing laps with 5,4,3,2,1, Merkins.    Surprise the crew with Santa’s gift – Round 2 of Santa’s ladder, starting with Merkins this time for the 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 laps and Burpees for the 5,4,3,2,1 laps, ensuring even gains across the body.   We lost two PAX before the end of Santa’s Ladder – Ping Pong and Cramps – first two to finish round 1 Santa’ Ladder ran to back parking lot to check on them and confirm ok.

– Mosey to tennis courts. Bear Crawl across all 4 courts, meet in Downward Dog for some PYS.  From Downward Dog transition to some yoga core –  Left leg raise, left leg to left elbow, left leg to right elbow, left leg to nose and hold. Flap jack to same with right leg.  Introduce Sun Salutations, and greeted the sunrise with 5 Sun Salutations (arms to the sky, fold to touch toes, half way lift, fold and jump or step back to Plank position, upward dog, downward dog, belly breath, recover. Repeated in sunchronized breath and increasing pace.

Mosey to track. As a group perform one lap of Sprint 100 Yards + Back Pedal (or Carioka modification) 50 yards. Plank wait for the Six, 5 count rest, repeat 6 times.  Ended at the corner by the storage container.  Pax head to behind the container to pick up their gift of cinder blocks.

-Cindy: Hallelujah Carry the cinder blocks over to the track. Performed Overhead Presses,  Squats and “Elf On a Shelf”. With cinder blocks on the ground performed Step-over Merkins, Plank Jacks, and single leg elevated Bridges.  Hallelujah Carry cinder blocks to complete the Cindy. Mosey to COT.

-4 MoM:   “Jingle Bell Rock”on the Bose speaker supported our PYS “Bird-dog”, slow knee raises, PYS Knee-to-elbow/nose round 2.


-Tardy made clear that Woodenville and Hollywood does not have a monopoly on PYS.  Yoga is hard and yoga is good, mix it in!

-Welcome FNG Soup!  Soup came with Alexa and worked HARD this day.  Mentoring started immediately after Soup literally SPRINTED the first two rounds of Santa’s Ladder, setting an aggressive pace that few wanted to follow knowing what was ahead! 🙂    I prefaced Santa’s Ladder by recounting that my second work out was with AP as Q and doing Santa’s Ladder – a day I still remember well – I was the 6 all day, but was not last in Jacobs Ladder thanks to the person who had to stop and share Merlot in the bushes 🙂

-Welcome back Wham-O!  who came and completed the Hardest workout – returning for his second F3 workout. Well done,!

Announcements: Charity Poker Tournament at Chainline Brewery 15 Dec (see Facebook invite).  Eastside Food Ruck Sunday 9 December, meeting at Mod Pizza Totem Lake.

Words:   Kramer shared that he has been out for 2 weeks with Bronchitis, and was thankful for his health and what the F3 Pax has contributed to it. Its times of hardship that you most recognize and appreciate fellowship and the hard work of the journey that you and fellow brothers of F3 all are putting in.  Get after it today.  Thank you men.