Heritage Park Ass Whooping


Hollywood, Grissom, Buckeye, Magic, Goose and Singlet on Q



-Mtn climbers

-Asym/regular/diamond merkins

Warmup lap around the path. 

HIIT laps- AYG 200yds, jog the rest. AYG 100, jog 100, AYG 100, jog the rest.

5 burpees every 3rd light pole from the start all the way to the tennis courts.

Jog to Waverly. Bear crawl up Waverly, 5 Jilian Michaels every 5th bollard. 

Swedish run back to start for 13ish MOM- Inchworm in place, hinge, Freddie Mercury/Mercury FreddieHalf 

Jog 1/2 lap to cool down


-Memorial Day Murph convergence at KIMS  28 May at 0700

-2.0 workout 6 June at KIMS…time?

-Worthington’s weekend end of June

Powerful words from Goose about his daughter setting, achieving and exceeding a running goal. Something we all need to live by.