GoRuck D-Day Light (CSAUP)

Event: GoRuck D-Day Light Memorial (Seattle, WA.)
PAX: The Natural, Xbox, Journey, 529’er
The Thang:
Start in Puget Sound @ Myrtle Edwards Parkwith a few hydro burpees (in 3-4 foot deep water) & flutters w/ rucks on. Ruck to Kerry Park, MOHAI, Freeway Park, and back to start. PT was nearly non-existent, but the distance / weight was pretty good for a Light event. Team weights included 25 lb. D-Day memorial crate, large water container, medical ruck with full kit, 6-ish 40 lb. sandbags and a couple 60 lb. bags. This was a memorial event for D-Day. Cadre shared some great stories and information about the invasion itself, and individuals in the group shared stories of individual soldiers on the ground (researched and memorized beforehand).
– Total time: Just over 5 hours.
– Total distance: Just over 6 miles.
– Total ascent: 573 ft.
Takeaway: Light events have a 100% completion rate for a reason. They are fun, but they are not very tough. There may be some challenging moments, but overall it is pretty easy going. Great entry point for PAX into the world of rucking events. If someone has been doing F3 consistently for just a few months, they can absolutely do a GoRuck Light. Great confidence builder for moving up to Tough and beyond.