Gas Works, something smells! 7/28

The Pax (6), Icky, Gekko, Journey, Waxie, Hurley and Bangkok (Q).

The Thang:

Mozie to grassy Knoll, 10 Berpie, run to other side 20 merkin, run to other side, 30 Sumo, run to other side, 40 WWI.

Mozie to deck at the maritime academy.  10 Berpie, 20 Incline merkin, 30 decline merkin, 40 dips. Mozie to large wall in parking lot. 60 seconds of XXX balls to the wall.

Mozie back to GW and gravel area between the water and the grass, 10 berpie mid way OYO.

I had made a bench on the water before the W/O to use for Incline M, Decline M and Dips. we meet at this spot (not used).

We split into 2 groups of 3. one group stays at this spot and does a W/O the other team calls out  (AMRAP) as the other group runs to a point, does 10 sumo and returns.

WW1’s, squats, planks, then it gets smelly! LBC’s  are called out and Gekko lays down in a fresh pile of dog dung! All over his back, shorts and arm! Faced with this situation and the smell, Gekko jumps into lake and does his best impression of being in a washing machine! After the deep clean the W/O continues. Flutters, protractor and sumo squats.

Next is four corners of 10/20/30/40 sumo squats, repeated with WW1″s

We mozie to the whale vertebra and a do bear crawl ladder with increasing Carolina dry docks at each vertebra to the end (9).  turn around and do it again!

Now to the bottom of the hill and its Dora 1/2/3 time. Two groups doing 100 merkins, 200 WW1 and 300 sumo squats. The individuals not doing the exercise run half way up the hill, touch the bench and return to contribute to knocking out the tasks.

Mozie to the concrete pad, 10,20,30’s of step ups,

To the top of the hill we go.

25 side straddle hops, DONE!


The events that  were described by Danny Stokes (AKA – F3 Linus) the previous Monday W/O touched me deeply. I Just met this gentleman, worked out with him for 45 minutes and then find out the pain he is in, the extraordinary experience he just had and the undertaking he is attacking. The prayer that AP facilitated after Danny’s story drove home the palpable F3 bond and brotherhood we are a part of.