Bellevue Backblast

5 men and one 2.0 posted to Bellevue this morning for a tough workout! Everyone succeeded!

Pax: Dilfer, Deetro (2nd time out), Dialup, Spotlight, Blue, Fsbo, The Rock (Fsbo 2.0)

Warmup: SSH, Arm Circles, Windmills, Handslap Merkins, Bropees

The Thang:

  • Swedish Mile and last man drops to do 5 burpees. The walkway around the park is just shy of 0.5 miles. Two laps worked perfectly for 6 men to each get two burpee rounds.
  • Bear crawl up stairs, crawl bear down the stairs. 5 rounds. That was hard!
  • Captain Thor: 1 situp/4 hammers + 5 merkins, 2 SU,/8 hammers + 5 merkins, …7 SU+28 hammers + 5 merkins
  • Decline hand walk along the wall about 10 yards and back
  • 10/20/30 Decline merkins/boxjumps/dips x 2 rounds
  • Spicy Legs – 2 star spicy
    20 Sumo squats
    20 lunges each side
    20 bunny hops up 3 wall-steps 18″ high and down
    20 split jacks each side
    Repeat 2 times
  • 4 minutes of Mary with 50 flutter count and then brotractor


Fsbo shared the story of a friend that he learned yesterday, a 45 year old lady that escaped from Vietnam during the fall of Siagon in 1979. At 7 years old she was made to look like a boy to protect her from assault, and put on a boat with her brothers by her parents. She didn’t know her parents weren’t going with them until they hugged them goodbye at the last minute and pushed them on the boat. The boat broke down, they were robbed 7 times by pirates, and towed to a refugee camp on an island by Malasian fisherman. She spent 6 months in the camp with very little to eat until the Canadian goverment approved her refugee status and she moved to Medicine Hat, Alberta (what a culture shock). Her brothers were sent elsewhere. She lived with a host family who were wonderful to her, but she also experienced a racism. Imagine 7 years old, separated from your family and living in cold northern canada. She was reunited with her brothers after 2 years. Her parents got out and the whole family was reunited after another 2 years. She now lives in Seattle, her parents and family in Vancouver Canada. She has seen the worst and the best side of human nature, make sure you are always on the best side! Our country is a better place for having immigrants like her.