A Long Route 66 at the Needle 8-1

9 Pax crushed the Needle this morning: Gekko, Parker (NC), El Matador (Atlanta), Kojak, Wooly Bugger, Talent, Hurley, Dive Bar, 529’er (Q)

CoP: SSH, 2 min assorted plank ups

The Thang:

Route 66 on the Centerhouse Highway

  • Movements: Crabwalk
  • Exercise: Inchworm plank up merkins

Recovery Pause: Fast cadence LBC x 100

Partner up next to fountain. Partner 1 sprints up steep incline to edge of fountain and back x 2. Partner 2 AMRAP. Then switch.

Exercise 1: Merkins

Exercise 2: Slightly moist WWI’s

Crawl bear up the steep incline fountain at Divebar’s request.


Oblique crunches x 30 (each side)

Upstate box cutters x 30

Fast cadence LBC x 53


Stay motivated to grow. Benchmark your progress against yourself. Don’t worry about comparing yourself with others. That’s apples & oranges.