6 Men on a beautiful PBJ evening.

6 men came out for a glorious workout and post-workout gathering at Chainline.

The PAX: Skynet, Goose, Hail, Snip, Mifflin, Dunder (Q)

The Not PAX(shame…shame..shame): Schnitzel, AC/DC, Indy

The Thang:

*Warmup-SSH, Merkins, Mt. Climbers

*Mosey to google: 10/20/30 Declines, Inclines, Dips

*Mosey further onto campus. 5 burpees

*Mosey to Terrace Park: Jacobs Ladder. Merkins/Sumo Squats

*Captain Thor: 1:4 ratio of WW1 and Russian Hammers

*Swedish run back to covered court.

*Froggers: Low squat hop down the court and back: 20 LBCs at free throw lines 20 merkins at half and end lines.

*Split into 2 groups. Group 1 calls out exercise for group 2 while they run out the shed, down the stairs, and back.  Rotate until everyone has called something.

*12 days of Christmas…actually only 9

* Mosey back to Google.  2 MoM

Announcements: Worthington Family Fun Extravaganza, 2.0 Workout

WoW: Make time for workouts regardless of how stressed out you may be at work or life.  I had a rough week at work and couldn’t wait to get out with the guys and work off some of that stress.  I felt 100% better.