1,011 LBCs at The Needle

11 PAX got after it Wednesday @ Space Needle: Talent, Hurley, Squid, LaFleur, Lateral, Schrempf, Meetup, SunDevil, Bangkok, LaFleur, 529’er (Q)

The Thang:

5 stations w/ 1.45 miles of total mosey in between. Exercises distributed evenly at each stop.

Total Exercises:

50 inchworm plank up merkins

200 little man in the woods (aka smurf jack)

1,011 LBCs (fast cadence)


– Hurley VQ on 6/11 @ MOHAI. Get some!

– 8/17 GoRuck Star Course 50 Miler

– 9/22 Tough Mudder

– 10/19 Custom GoRuck Tough for F3. Sign up via link: https://www.goruck.com/event-14722/


Talent reminded us of Passport’s FB post yesterday. He is going through some difficult times. Many have already reached out immediately upon seeing his message. F3 is there for him – just like it is for all of us. It’s easy to take that fact for granted when things are going well. Remember that this group genuinely wants to help anyone who is in need. Anytime.