C’mon man

3 for boxtrot this morning. (Hollywood, DryDock, XBox) However one of the PAX – who shall remain nameless – had to peel off early due to the fact that the one rib of his which is currently broken was bothering him. Duh.

The other two ended up running sub-8 minute miles for a bit.

Respect your injuries…geez.

Dodging Rain Drops for the Boxtrot

3 Men met in Redmond for a Boxtrot run.

The PAX: Hollywood (Q), Salsa, Worthington

The Thang – Hit the trail, turn left. 2 miles out, 2 miles back. Salsa’s watch had us at a 9:18/mile pace.

Great discussion the whole way. Recapping Worthington’s weekend.

At the end we discussed training for the Rucks coming up. The benefits of adding PT into the training sessions, and working with Kettle Bells and other coupons.

WoW focused on getting better and pushing ourselves. Always grateful for F3.

As always…the rain took a break for the majority of our run. Started to come down hard again as I was driving home. Don’t be scared by the rain. Get out there!

Running in both directions

Creating this BB for XBox who had to run down to Seatac for an 8:15 flight. (Ahem…he still hit a workout on a travel day…cough, cough….#NoExcuses )

The PAX: FSBO, XBox, Drydock, Spotlight, Hollywood.

We did 4 miles on the Redmond trail.  (XBox peeled away after 3, but that’s acceptable, cause he’s “tha man.”)

Kept the pace around 10:00/mile…maybe crept up a little faster, but started and finished as a group.

Great conversation the whole time.

During CoT and WoW I mentioned the book I’m reading “Factfulness” by Hans Rosling.  Great read so far. If you’ve never seen one of his TED talks, I highly recommend them.