Hump Day Special at the Needle

04/25/2018, Wednesday Morning @ Space Needle

Conditions:  Optimal Prime – cool and clear and blue skies at the COT

PAX: (11) Bangkok, Squid, Kemp, Gekko, Yardsail, Cesar, Meet Up, Kojak, Spellcheck, Talent, Lafleur (Q)

Warm Up –

SSH(25), Cotton Pickers (25)

Mosey to Mural – 20 merkins, 20 mountain climbers, 20 WW1, 20 scissor lunges

  • Partner up, run together – run 1 lap then 5 burpees 5 dips, 2 laps 10 burpees and dips, run 3 laps 15 burpees and dips, 4 laps 20 burpees & dips
  • partners – one runs 1 lap, other does amrap – WW1, flutters, box cutters, mountain climbers, plank ups, burpees,
  • 25 WW1’s as a group – time up
  • The  pax is getting stronger, all men went hard for 45 minutes, very impressive!

Annoucements – Richland 6/22 – 6/24 (look on site for details, sign up for Q on this site, lunch this Friday at blue Acre at 12:15

WOW – just a reminder about the 3 F’s, we got the fitness in this morning, let’s all look at Fellowship – call/email/coffee/spend time/compliment someone, and Faith – focus on your spiritual self, share your problems, help others, do something for the greater good

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