COVID-19 Safety

How F3 Puget Sound is making special considerations for workouts during C19.

In-person locations will be taking the following measures to help decrease the likelihood of spreading the virus:
  • We will not conduct partner workouts at this time (carries, hand slap pushups, wheelbarrows etc.).
  • We will avoid exercises that require touching of shared surfaces and coupons (cinderblocks, water jugs, etc.) unless the coupon is carried exclusively by one person for the duration of the  workout.
  • We will generally promote exercises that maintain healthy distance.
  • We will keep at least 6 feet of distance at all times.
  • If you aren’t feeling well, think you’ve been exposed, or have a family member who is medically vulnerable, please stay home and join us online instead.
Need additional safety or security, we have daily virtual F3 workouts hosted on Zoom, please find the times and respective days in our workout directory. Show up ready to workout as they may be remote, but they are not easy.
We respect the protections put in place by our government and hope to prevent the spread of disease by doing what is necessary. We will continue to check on the phase level for the counties where we exercise to ensure compliance.