F3 Featured in the Redmond Reporter

F3 brings local men together for fitness, fellowship and faith

Reporter Kailan Manadic participates in a morning workout with the local men’s fitness group and is nicknamed after a well-known crime dog.


Most of us who aren’t athletes or fitness devotees wouldn’t generally consider waking up before the sunrise to work out at 5:30 a.m. as a fun idea. Try doing it multiple days a week, outside in the rain, shine, sleet or snow.

I was recently invited to participate in an F3 workout session where I met 24 local men at Grasslawn Park in Redmond. Journalism calls for late nights more often than early mornings, so I was fortunate enough to participate in the Labor Day workout, which met at 7 a.m., leaving me enough time to crawl out of bed.


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Xbox off IR

PAX: Thriftshop, Xbox (Q)

Warmup: Running around looking for more PAX

  • 10 IC Windmills
  • 10 IC Cotton Pickers
  • 10 IC Merkins
  • 15 IC Arm circles and flapjack

Thang: Kept it simple as YHC just getting back at it.

  • Red barchetta up (100 SSH, 75 Mountain Climbers…10 Burpees)
  • Red barchetta down (100 Merkins, 75 LBCs…10 burpees)

30 seconds Al Gore, 10 count rest, 45 second Al Gore

8 MoM

  • 15 IC Flutter kicks
  • 15 IC Rosalitas
  • 15 IC Dollies
  • 15 count hold


  • Repeato
  • 1 minute high plank
  • Almost 1 minute low plank

Moleskin: Happy I found you out there Thriftshop.

WoW: Great to be back. Encourage the PAX to stay in 2nd/3rd Fs even when on IR. YHC absolutely missed the 2nd F more than the 1st. Thanks again Thriftshop.


GO30 June Effect

Talking to the M last night, I asked her if she saw any difference in my behaviors. “Yes”, she replied, “You don’t blow up at people like you used to. You ask them questions about what they said or did.” GO30 success.

As a practicing Catholic, I look forward to the season of Lent. If compels me to do better, and to be better. Taking it one step further, I then like to incorporate that into my life. For me, GO30 is very similar, with the caveat of accountabililty to my F3 Brothers.

I’ll admit, there were times when I wanted to aske people if they were idiots. I wanted to react. Instead, I responded, and tried to understand what led them to the current situation. A result is I am even more approachable, and coupled with my reflective evening prayers, I am calmer.

I love the supportive accountability. I love the fact that when I stumble, I am not judged, but helped back up and told to get back in the fight.

I strongly suggest you give this a try. There’s no risk and nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Still an OTB?

5 showed up to boxtrot and got better.

PAX: Schnitzel, Worthington, AP, Dig Dug, Xbox (Q)

2 miles north on the Sammamish River Trail and back. We averaged 9:39 a mile today with mile two being our fastest: 9:26.

We circled up, counted off and did nameorama. FSBO then showed for a post run ruck to hear AP define what a Ball-of-Man is supposed to look like: one man in center with hand up, the rest of the men come in and touch the shoulder of that man or one close to them.

Great to see 5 today. This OTB is near On-the-books with its consistency. Come on out and join us.


F3 Family Weekend 2018

F3 Family Weekend


To gather F3 Families together to build community: allowing our spouses and children to feel the direct impact of F3 from the men in their lives.

Event Q: Worthington

Location: Richland, WA

Dates: June 22nd-24th

Proposed Schedule of Events:

Friday June 22nd-

5-7pm- Open Arrivals
• Check into Hotels
• Set up camp

7-10pm- Casual Evening Gathering as people arrive at Worthington’s house

Saturday June 23rd-

7:00-8:00 am F3 Workout/Bootcamp at Badger Mountain Park

8:15-9:00 Coffeeteria at Roasters-Richland, WA

9:00-10:00 Break to get ready, gather up families

10:00-2:00- Women’s Afternoon off- My wife will arrange an afternoon including farmers market, tours of the riverfront, Lunch: basic relaxing WITHOUT kids

10:00-12:00 F3 Dads are on kid duty. Games and play at Howard Amon Park

12:00-4:00 Pool Party and BBQ Lunch at my house

2:00- Wives arrive back and join the fun

4:00-6:00 Family down time, feed kids dinner, etc.

6:00-When Parents Return- Kids Zone/Babysitting at Worthington’s house (I will have my High School daughter and as many of her friends as needed to watch kids at our house. Movies, games, fun, etc. My mother-in-law will be there to be the “adult” in case there is any emergency or issues)

6:00- 10:00PM Adults Night out/Parents Date Night-. I was thinking we could charter a Wine Tour Bus and take tour of several wineries, do wine tasting, dinner, etc. I have several friends that own wineries so we could get private tours and arrange a dinner.

10PM Pickup kids and head to Hotel/Camping, etc..


7:00-8:00 am- F3 Dads workout at Howard Amon Park

9:00-10:00 Women’s hike Badger Mt Park

9:00-10:00 Dads gather up kids, check out of hotel, etc…

10am-whenver people need to depart- casual pool party/BBQ at Worthington’s


• If there is an interest I can reserve a block of rooms and get a group rate at one of our local hotels. I need to do this soon as there is a large event in town this weekend so Hotels are filling up.
• I want to make sure budget is not a reason for anyone not to come, so I would welcome any families that want to camp they would be welcome to camp in my yard. The only caveat is my wife would be concerned if they have small children since we have a pool. We do have one guest room and a basement if a family with littles want that. I also made sure almost all the events are fee with exception of the wine tour/dinner.


Richland is ~200 miles from Kirkland due East on I-90 until you cross the Columbia River at Vantage, then due south for 1 hour. Without stops it takes 3 hours, with small kids and bathroom breaks plan on 3.5-4 hours.