Last Day of May, THURS @ MOHAI

4 Men came out and attacked the day at Mohai.

The PAX: Gekko, Kojak, Perogi (f3 NC), SunDevil (Q)

The Thang:

*Warmup-SSH, Merkins, Mt. Climbers

*Mosey to Bird Latrine/Bird Pond. Burpee ladder: 10 Burpees run around Pond, 9 Burpees Run around Pond etc. to 1 Burpee.  50 LBCs

Mosey to mini dock. Black Jack mini stair climb. 1 Sumo Squat on dock,  run up stairs, 20 Plank ups. Run down stairs 2 Sumo Squats, Run Up Stairs 19 Plank Ups. PAX calls out an exercise to switch to on the top after 2 rounds, continue Sumo’s on bottom. We got some cool ones in here from Perogi, I can’t recall the names, but I was sore!

Mosey back to Lawn area, follow the leader step ups.

Mosey to Museum stairs, stair push up x 10, legs move up a level, hands stay in place. x 5 stairs.

Mosey to Orca dock. 10-10-10 incline, decline, dips. Done.


*Announcements: Patch program, Worthington family fun weekend, starting a new PAX in DC (Arlington) so if you know anyone interested give them a push!

*Words: We take notice when some of our core regulars go missing (KEMP!), they appreciate being reached out to. Continue to reach out to those that go missing after only attending a few sessions, it’s motivating to hear from someone within the group.

OTB Thurs MOHAI OTB Workout


Gekko, 529, Kemp, Bangkok, Wolly Bugger, Waxy, Samsonite, Sun Devil (Q)

It was a beautiful morning to break in a new possible future workout. The sun was already rising as we started off with ab day:

The Thang:

SOS, Mtn Climbers, Plank Jacks, Fred Mercs, WW1s

Mosey to sculpture built for step ups, follow the leader, step up all the way around it. Pump heart rate.

Mosey to bench cluster. “Traditional” 10 inclines, 15 declines, 20 dips. Repeat: Mtn Climbers, Plank Jacks, Fred Mercs, WW1s

Mosey to fish ladder.  Run to each level perform exercise, run to bottom perform exercise. Exercise: “Traditional” 20 mercs on levels, 20 WW1z on bottom.

Mosey to Goose poop pond. Do one exercise x10, run around pond, do another exercise x10 run around pond etc. Exercises: Mtn Climbers, Plank Jacks, Fred Mercs, WW1s

Mosey to home. Finish with Plank Ups.

WoW: It’s hard to recruit friends to wo at 5:30, lot’s of excuses and no shows, but don’t give up on them, especially those you think could use it the most. It’s a great time to get people out because of the weather, so reach out to them again. PBJ’s are a great way to get those FNG’s out with the promise of post f3 brewski’s.