Old school

8 PAX showed up at KiMS to enjoy a workout filled with some familiar oldschool exercises.


Magic, Olaf, Drydock, JarJar, Yellow Belt, Cowboy, Buckey, Grissom -Q


SSH, Arm Circles, Imperial Walkers, Mericans, Mountain Climbers, LBCs, Flutters


10,20,30s -declines, inclines, stepups

loop the planter in push-up position (is there a name for that?) while partner loops the school, flapjack

mosey to small parking lot for forward crabwalk and bearcrawl, flapjack to backwards crabwalk and crawbear.

mosey to tennis courts for a suicide with 2,4,6,8 squats at the lines.  While on the courts, 30 seconds of balls to the wall.

mosey and run a Route 66 with hand release mericans.

run up and down stair.

run down stair, line up, release PAX after doing the number of mericans associated with their number in line, run up stair stopping at each landing to do a squat.  Finish at top with mericans.

slosey back to the school for flutters and LBCs.


Buckey has info on several Tough events in Sept and Oct.

Grissom reminded everyone of the Base to Space event in Sept.


Every bad day still has some good in it.  Find it, embrace it and share it.


Heritage Park workout

It was a cold and rainy morning but 13 brave men met at Heritage Park to have some fun.  With a VQ no less!

The Pax:

Grissom (vQ)
Putt Putt
Comb Over
The Dude
Star lord

The beat down:

SSH, imperial walkers, arm circles, LBCs, merkins.

Catch Me if You Can with diamond merkins

Red Barchetta (ouch)

Dips at the Heritage House courtyard

Jack Webb in the actogon (feeling the burn just reading this far, right?)

Partner up for alternating: parking lot lap with step ups, box jumps, and inclines.

Visit the dock for some squats, lunges, and Jillian  Michaels.

Finish in the actogon with LBCs, obliques, flutter kick, and protractor.

The Dude shared some wisdom and reminded us to be present and don’t dwell on the past.


the Base 2 Space run up the space needle registration is open.  Event is September 30th.  Sign up and link to the F3 Puget Sound 2018 team.   Grissom to send separate blast.

Worthington is hosting a weekend event and invited F3 to his house by wine county.  Social, wine tasting, fun, ….  See his blast for more details.

Logboom Park in Kenmore is getting a test AO.   Spam will Q the workout.  My apologies for not remembering the date so I’ll check to see what’s planned

Great seeing everyone at the workout and Zoka’s For coffee!