Saturday morning FNG workout

At Saturday morning 23 guys showed up at HP workout:Ickey, FNG-Butterfinger, PutPut,Handbag , Alexa,Magic,Hollywood,Pingpong, Snip, Hopes,Cowboy,Swinger,FNG-DeFeb, Kramer, Wolf, Bob,Giligan, Starlord, Grissom,TheDude, Guero, AC/DC( Q)

wormups :SSH , Windmills, LB circle, Merkins, Cotton Pickers,

split a  group in 2 ,  first group does WW1 group 2 runs to the small hill and back then flip flops,

then partner up for Dora 123,

100 Merkins , 200 LBC , 300 squats with running to the hill in between

mosey to tennis court for 4 corners :

10 burpees , a AMREP WWI , squats,Merkins

next round 10 Jillians  , AMREP Russian hammer , lounges, ….

mosey down to Waverly Beach Park, for picture time on a dock , then back to start because time was done

Announcements 50 ml goruck , 2.o on 21 July, tough mudder,

Words of wisdom we got from Alexa, be organized , when you are organized , your life is better and everything falls in place

14 man showed up for some improvements on a sunny Saturday morning @ Heritage park

crew: Hollywood, Grisam, Buckeye WullyBugger, Alexa, Lateral, Magic, Gus , Put-put, Starlord, Dunder ,Schnitzel, Maybe, AC/DC (Q)

warm ups

SSH , Windmill , Merkins, Mountain climbers

Run a lap , 10/20/30 decliners,inclines,dips

10/20/30 sumo squats, step ups , Bulgarian dips

Run a lap then Lt Dans , and so on ..,.

run to the tennis court for some more improvements

2 minutes chalange: AS many as you can : merkins , and LBC

6mom protractor, LBC , and burpees

announcement: 3 Saturday of June 2.o Workout at KIMs 9am ,

words of wisdom: Schnitzel talked about suicide ripples documentary, ho we should not be scared to ask for help