Running in both directions

Creating this BB for XBox who had to run down to Seatac for an 8:15 flight. (Ahem…he still hit a workout on a travel day…cough, cough….#NoExcuses )

The PAX: FSBO, XBox, Drydock, Spotlight, Hollywood.

We did 4 miles on the Redmond trail.  (XBox peeled away after 3, but that’s acceptable, cause he’s “tha man.”)

Kept the pace around 10:00/mile…maybe crept up a little faster, but started and finished as a group.

Great conversation the whole time.

During CoT and WoW I mentioned the book I’m reading “Factfulness” by Hans Rosling.  Great read so far. If you’ve never seen one of his TED talks, I highly recommend them.


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