PB+J backblast: Roadster to Mars

8 HIMs started at the crack of 6:30pm to get their metabolisms up in order to down tasty IPAs (sorry about formatting — how did WordPress ever get funded??? )

PAX:  Elroy (Q), Schnitzel, Hops, Sticks (FNG), Hail, Miflin, Jemaine, Benda

Warmup IC:  Stretches, SSH, Mt Climbers, Mucho Chestos Pyramidios

The pigskin is introduced, and drops get the Pax increasing 1 to 5 burpee penalties (31 we’re done throughout the workout).

Swedish mile warmup.

The Thang:

  1. Pull-ups I
    1. P1 AMRAP Pull-Ups while P2 does 3 burpees
    2. P1 AMRAP Pull-Ups while P2 Runs up 3 flights stairs and back
    3. P1 AMRAP Pull-Ups while P2 does 10 merkins

Fast feet + growlers, 10 sets

<<Mosey to soccer field>>

4 corners, 10 merkins/corner

2 sets of walking balls to the wall, separated by sumo squats

    Sprint pyramids

<<Mosey back to those high bars>>

Pull-ups II:   P1 AMRAP Pull-Ups while P2 does 20 dip

  1. 2MoM IC: low plank dips and crunches



  • This list is vast!  Check it all out at www.F3PugetSound.com
  • F3Dads:
    • Putt-Putt Golf: June 30, 10:30am, Willows Run
    • 2.0 KidsVergence workout July 21  at KMS: 9-10am — Qs needed!!!!
    • Mifflin has the Q Saturday at KMS — prepare for cardio!!!


–  The football is always a great added element to the workout  bringing fun and smiles… Yes, even if it does also result in Burpee’s

– Happy to see Benda come out again, the second one is always the toughest!

–  chain lines roadster to Mars hopped Pilsner is truly Otherworldly


Jemaine told parable of the two wolves Struggling and fighting with one another within us: the good one that represents friendship, fellowship, cooperation, love, virtue truth,  and the bad one that represents stealing, lying, fear, distrust, Hate.  The grandfather told little child the story, who asked, “which one wins the fight grandfather?“ Grandfather replies “the one that you feed”.

Solid words to remind us of the good wolf in all of us that we need to nurture.