Earn some Patches



F3 Patch Program & 4 NEW AO Launches

Men, the board and I have been working on a program for a few months that I am excited to roll out. We have created a program with patches that can be earned by making you and F3PS stronger.

We are rolling out with 3 patches that everyone in the PAX can earn.

We are starting progress for everyone from SCRATCH after the Memorial Day convergence. Prior activities will not be counted.

Tracking will be each PAX member’s responsibility. You need to send me or your Site Q the back blasts that you participated in to earn the patch.

Patches will be awarded at the next convergence after you have achieved the requirements. You can only earn each patch.

Here are the patches:

Q Patch
Q 5 Workouts.

Redwood Patch
Attend the first workout at a new AO and 5 more of the first 8 workouts (6 total).

4321 Patch
Participate in 4 CSAUPs, Q at 3 different AOs, EH 2 FNGs, and 1 wildcard that can replace one instance of the previous 3 requirements (ex you can use your wildcard to only require 3 CSAUP instead of 4).

I will have the patches at the Memorial Day convergence for everyone to check out.

With the minting of this program we have been holding back official start dates of a few AOs (the patches took longer than expected to finish, sorry!)

Next Week after Memorial Day we will OFFICIALLY LAUNCH
-Kenmore – Log Boom Park – Fri – Site Q (SPAM)
-Kirkland – Heritage Park – Sat – Site Q (Singlet)
-Bellevue – Downtown Park – Sat – Site Q (Dig Dug)
-Redmond – MSFT – Fri – Site Q (Xbox)

So pick one of those sites and start going as those will be your first chance to earn the Redwood Patch.

MOHAI Thursday will also be official starting next week, HOWEVER this is not a new AO. We are not including expansion of workouts at existing AOs in the Redwood program.

Where do I put the patches:


Those that have GoRuck bags have patch placement as well.

Thank you to Ickey and the board for the hard work to put these together and for sponsorship of the program.

Go get em men!!!!