Defiance visits Wright Park

Defiance came to Wright Park for a workout that made men better.

PAX: Frenchy, Lunger (Q), Chief!, Bivvie, DDT, Smelter and FNG Matlock

After warmups from Frenchy everyone grabbed a weight of some sort – sandbags, a bag of battle rope or a 30# slam ball. Run the perimeter of the park with the coupons stopping along the way to do stuff like pull-ups, dips, situps, bear crawl up a hill and dragging the sandbag.

Finished with sprints, bear crawls and duck walk on the baseballba court.

A little merlot was splashed.

Lunger gave a history lesson about the park during the workout. #historyiscool.

Breakfast at Hob Nob. Good work men!