5/5 KiMS on a perfect morning

Sunny and warm Saturday, and 24 men showed up for a workout.


PAX: FNG Waterboy, FNG Subprime, Mifflin, Guero, Maybe, Hoser, The Dude, Rivet, Joystick, Swinger, Schnitzel, Blossom, Yellow Belt, Jon Bon, Skrivelo, Dilfer, Jemaine, Foley, Jughead, Bam Bam, Kramer, Putt Putt.

-CoP: SSH, Mt. Climbers, Diamond Merkins, Squats, Merkins

-Pick up the ~100lb Brute Bag and mosey to the top of the stairs. Drop Bag

-Run to the bottom of the stairs and get into teams of three. P1 and P2 wheelbarrow up the stairs while P3 bunny hops. Rotate as needed.

-Pick up the bag and mosey to soccer field. New teams of 3. Each team takes turn rolling bag from a bear crawl position while the other teams run across the soccer field and back. Runners to an exercise on opposite side of field. Merkins, Sumo Squats, Burpees, wide Merkins/Diamond Merkins.

-Hand over Q to Dunder

-Royal H: Same reps and Jack Webbs. 1 Burpee/4 Squats

-Jack Webbs

-Mosey to football field and partner up. Each pair gets concrete block. P1 runs across field while P2 does exercise. Squats, Curls, Merkins on block.

-Quick jog to tennis courts for Wall of Fire

-Capt Thor: Same reps at Jack Webbs. 1 WW1/4 Russian Hammer


-Jon Bon is back! (only on days above 45 and no rain)

-stairbarrow in honor of Worthington is always a winner

-Brute bag is a fun one to play around with. At one point I saw Dilfer swinging it around like it was 20lbs

-Great showing by 2 FNGs

Announcements: Worthington Family Weekend!

Words: Persistence pays off.  Gekko finally got an FNG out after over a year of pestering him.  PBJ crew got an FNG to join in the middle of the workout after asking him over and over and over again.