Sprinkler Tag at Crestwoods

6/27/2018 at KiMS

9 men showed up for a little sprinkler tag and etc. at Crestwood park this morning.

PAX present: Jermaine, Buckeye, Bam Bam, Kramer, Spotlight, Elon, Worthington, Gilligan, SPAM (Q).

No Gloom to be had–just another sunny morning in paradise until we got started on the pain:

SSH x 20, Cotton Pickers x 10, Wind Mills x 10, Good Mornings x ~8 but really no idea*.

CoP: Merkins x 15, Plankorama 2 min, THE AP-Diamond (ie growler diamond merkins x 5). Little baby arm circles x 10 each direction.

The Thang:
Mosey to Crestwood soccer field where the sprinklers were singing their songs*, split the Pax in 2.
Pax 1: Out-and-back Red Barchetta to include 100 SSH, 75 MC, 50 LBC, 25 Merkins, 10 Burpees.
Pax 2: 4 corners: 10 Merkins, 10 squats, 10 squats, 10 Burpees–AMRAP until Pax 1 is complete
Flapjack and repeato.

Mosey to playground
Pax 1: down the stairs and back up
Pax 2: 5 pull ups and 10 Burpees–AMRAP* until Pax 1 is complete.
Flapjack and repeato.

Mosey to street, hit AMRAP sumo squats while Elon goes back for his gloves on the soccer field.

AYG run back to CoT, Done.

* During Good Mornings Worthington Nathan Merz showed strong leadership by subverting the cadence with the phrase “good-morning” at EVERY count (including YHC’s 1-2-3). The rest of the pax joined in (lemmings) and laughter ensued. YHC’s cadence was drowned out and we moved on to Merkins.
* Sprinklers were mostly unavoidable, but became a welcome refreshment at the sweaty second-half.
* the pull-up and Burpee combo torched the shoulders, YHC will be feeling it today, hope it is the same for all.

Announcements: Rucks, Tough Mudder, and Putt-Putt. Refer to the calendars.

WoW: Jermaine expressed appreciation for the routine of F3 and the sprouts of good things coming from it in his life. I piled on with a lament for family being gone and a lot of routines with it, but F3 provides some structure to help with that.
We dispersed at that point, but a shout-out to Bam-Bam, who stopped me in the parking lot and encouraged me to reach out to some buddies and remember that I need to value and take care of myself too, that family is important, and it sucks to be apart, but they are not everything. There is a “me”, ie, I am important to take care of even when alone. Truth. well said and well received, and true for all y’all as well.

Get after it today gentlemen.