OTB New AO: Log Boom Park

Nine men showed up in the gloom at the top of the lake this morning and made themselves better.

The PAX: Gekko, Dunder, 529er, Lafleur, Worthington, Sea Bass(FNG), Narwhal(FNG), Lateral (LIFO), SPAM (Q).

Warmitup: Cotton Pickers 10 IC, Windmills 10 IC, SSH 20 IC, Merkins 10 IC, Plankorama 60 sec., Carolina Dry Docks 10 IC.

-Mosey to short wall for 10-20-30: Derkin, Incline Merkins, Dips.
-Jacob’s Ladder with Burpees over Catalina Wine Mixers (AKA Singlet Merkins–hi plank lo plank push up).
-Mosey to crow’s nest for 20 sumo squats OYO.
-Mosey to end of dock and split into teams of 3 for Dora 1-2-3. Teams completed 100 merkins, 200 lbcs, 300 squats, while one pax ran to end of dock and back ~100yds one way…maybe more. Cycle through until all reps complete.*

6MOM on the dock: Flutter 20 IC, Flutter arms up 20 IC, Brotractor 60sec, V-ups 10 IC.

WoW: Quote from composer Aaron Copland: “Inspiration may be a form of super-consciousness, or perhaps of subconsciousness–I wouldn’t know–but I am sure it is the antithesis of self-consciousness.” 

Who we are really meant to be and do–the really important things in our life–are discovered outside of “self-consciousness” and the worry about our status or what people think of us. Worthington pointed out that it is demonstrated by FNGs showing up and pushing to their limits with a group of men they don’t know (yet).  Make it a point to “lose track” of yourself a lot–it happens when you push yourself physically, it happens when you are really leading–ie focused on those you are responsible for and not what you look like to them (#Qsignup) but you can make it a habit too.  YHC suspects there is more happiness and more value at the antithesis of self-consciousness.


-Fantastic AO. Dock has lots of potential and during Dora, *FNG Sea Bass demonstrated that it is a tidy spot to spill the merlot! #feedingthefish, #thatswhyhisnameisseabass

-Hat tip to Lafleur for double FNGs EH’d on the inaugural day for the AO.

-Strong support from PAX for a successful first day–thank you!
-Kemp: Absent

-Same time same place next week, Lafleur on the Q!

YHC out!