Millennial Woes

In the light of predawn, eleven gathered for the promise of an easy workout.


Dilfer, Drydock, Spotlight, Jar Jar, Dial-up, Joystick, Guerro, Alexa, Xbox, Thriftshop, Dig Dug(Q)



– x30 SSH, x10 Cotton Picker, x20 Mountain Climber, x10 Bird Dog

Mosey to Soccer Field

ALERT!!! Millennial!!! ALERT!!!

x100 each, with 100m run between each set

(1)SSH, (2) Lunges, (3) Merkins, (4) Flutter, (5)Arm Raises, (6) Mountain Climbers, (7) Squats, (8) LBC, (9) Carolina Drydock, (10) Burpees (Circle Jerk, each man with the opportunity to be the jerk)

Mosey to Flag

6MOM – Led by Alexa

x20 LBC, x20 Oblique Crunch, x10 WWII, Brotractor


Jar Jar blatantly misinterpreting leading us off on the 10 Burpees as an opportunity to count to 10 and act confused was awesome and a well timed break in the action. Good call, brother.

Spotlight with the run to each of the PAX for a single count Burpee hand-slap was a welcome change-up and made those last burpees much easier.

Guerro returns to Monday! Great to see you out brother 🙂

Alexa continually asking if we were done with 6MOM while he led it was a delightful treat


Mohai this Thursday, 5:30!
Kenmore this Friday, Log Boom Park, 5:30!
Choose your Saturday workout; Gasworks, Tacoma, Heritage Park, Bellevue, or KiMS … maybe more choices soon?

Digdug passes the Shovel Flag! Moving forward Alexa is the Site-Q for Grasslawn and Digdug can be found at Bellevue on Saturdays. It’s been an honor leading this site for the last 8 months. Wow, has it been that long? ….


F3 is an excellent place to practice leadership. Take advantage. It’s a secure place to get in front of your peers and lead. It’s the gift that will continually give, as you being to find other areas of your life where you can step up and lead. Get some.

Retire to Coffeeteria.