Log Ka-Boom – 6/29

11 PAX got after it: Gekko, MASH, 7 Layer, 5th Wheel, Salsa, Buckeye, Olaf, Dunder, FSBO, LaFleur, 529 (Q)


SSH, squats, inchworm plank-up merkins, fast cadence LBC x 100

The Thang:

Mosey to dock. Form 2 man teams.

  • 1 man = AMRAP exercises on boat slips. Runner = runs to shore, 5 exercises, run back, switch places
    • Set 1: AMRAP = Carolina dry docks. Runner = inch worm plank-up merkins
    • Set 2: AMRAP = hold legs extended over water. Runner = 5 burpees.
  • 30 meters forward lunge walks. Return with 30 meters of backwards lunge walks.
  • Swedish mile (line holds plank w/ bunny hop from back to front)


Fast cadence LBCs


– Convergence at KiMS Saturday July 7th at 0700for Ultimate football

8/17GoRuck Star Course 50 Miler

9/22Tough Mudder

10/19Custom GoRuck Tough for F3. Sign up via link: https://www.goruck.com/event-14722/


At least once during each F3 workout, I have self talk that I can’t do this. Pushing through that voice creates momentum for the rest of the day. Being mindful of this makes it a little easier each time to crush negative self talk.