Log Boom Millenial

7/6/2018 Log Boom

10 men posted for improvement this morning. If you hit your Redwood requirement, send backblasts to Ickey to get your patch!

The Pax:
Buckeye, Alexa, Magic, Olaf, Mash, Shakespeare, LaFleur, Drydock, Salsa, Spam(Q).

Warmitup: SSH x 15, Cotton Pickers x 15, Windmills x 15, squats x 15

The Thang: Millenial
100x of: SSH, MC, squats, LBC, merkins, lunges, dips, something I can’t remember, American Hammers, and oh yes, Burpees to cap it off. (And 3.5 miles of run laced in).

Announcements: CSAUPs coming up–ask somebody about star course, custom tough, tough mudder. Convergence at Defiance tomorrow, 2.0 workout 3rd Saturday of the month.

WoW: stick to your routine this summer–vacation will throw you some curveballs but get back to your habits (good habits, that is) ASAP. Go 30 is a great way to add some emphasis or kickstart some new habits, to keep you consistent.

*Always a challenge to hit a millenial–kudos to the men for mental toughness and gutting out the final exercises in overtime.
*Dry Dock–Tclaps for a badass running performance which kept me inspired after every exercise.
*I was gifted a workout with a legit personal trainer while on vacation. Good workout for sure but I would give it an B+/A- stacked against F3 workouts which cost considerably less than $100 a pop. #whatwehaveisamazing
*Coffeeteria time at Diva was solid 2nd F–grab it when you can. We are blessed to be with some outstanding men.