Log BOOM! 5/18

8 men got better on a beautiful morning at Log Boom.

PAX: Spam, Dingy, Seabass, 5th Wheel, Narwhal, Hurley, LaFleur, Dunder (Q)


*Warmup: SSH, Merkins, Cotton Pickers, Little Baby Arm Circles.

*Mosey West to long wall: Jacobs Scramble- Scramble over wall and up the hill, Sumo Squats at top and Merkins at bottom.

*Mosey West: Jack Webbs

*Mosey more West: 10 burpees

* Mosey East to Crows Nest: Capt Thor

*Mosey to dock: Red Lungechetta. That’s a long dock. 565 ft

*8 Days of Christmas: Burpees, Merkins, Leprochaun in the woods, sumo squats, LBC, SSH, Burpees, WW1.

2MoM: Flutters, Freddy Mercuries


Announcements: 2.0 Workout, Worthington Family Fun Extravaganza, Memorial Day workout.

Words: Nothing too profound this morning but I wanted to encourage guys to step up and Q their first workout.  You may not think you are ready but if you have been to a few workouts you can do it and you might actually like it.  Even I have progressed beyond keeping a list in my sock.