Hat Trick at KMS

Beautiful warm morning at Kirkland Middle. I got to be Q for the third time in a row, new record for me!

The Pax:

  1. Gilligan
  2. The Dude
  3. Singlet
  4. Mifflin
  5. Cowboy
  6. Spotlight
  7. Bam bam
  8. Jemaine
  9. Guero
  10. Lateral
  11. Worthington
  12. Spam
  13. Hail
  14. AC / DC
  15. Kramer (Q)
Imperial Walkers
Sumo Squats
Mtn Climbers
arm circles
Bearcrawl to hill
Mosey to front
10/20/30 decline incline dips
15 box jumps
Mosey to courts for suicides
Mosey to Jack Webb
Mosey to Rt 66
down stairs
Maori Burpees courtesy of Jemaine
Up stairs
2x 5 pullups in pairs
mosey back
Captain Thor
50 LBCs
Freddy Mercury
Words: Community – Wolf mentioned to me after the F3 2.0 workout – 86 dads and kids showing up really felt like a strong community! More touchpoints you have the stronger it is whether it is different events or getting together outside of F3. Put in more and you get out more.
Thanks for letting me lead – great way to start the day. Who wants next week?

Scott Brady
[email protected]