4/28 – KiMS Bootcamp

12 dudes crushed it on a very PNWish morning at KiMS / Crestwoods.

The PAX: ACDC, Genie, Olaf, Wolf, Worthington, Maybe, Jar Jar, Foley, Joystick, Kramer, Gilligan, Lateral (Q).

The workout:
– warm up lap around the track
– SSH, squats, merkins, mtn climbers, burpees
– mosey to planters and partner up. 3 rounds of exercise/make your way up the driveway (bear crawls/step ups; box jumps/merkins; defensive slides/russisn twists)
-mosey to the track for 1.25 laps of catch me if you can
– mosey to the playground, groups of three crushed 30 pull ups, 150 skaters and 150 squats)
– mosey to the baseball fields, groups of three – 2 amrap an exercise while the third runs to/fro the fence and does burpees (hand slap merkins, jumping lunges, flutters)
– some ab work plus push ups
– jack webbs (arms and legs)
– mosey to the track for a cool down lap, swedish style
– 3 MoM

– Wolf encouraged everyone to ask for help if needed, rather than go solo. 6am coffee on Saturdays a good olace to do it
– Olaf talked about stepping back and making sure you’re living life like you want to; if not, dont be afraid to make a change.