We EH’d in motion

6 + 1 gathered at our new AO in Bellevue to improve and share in fellowship.

PAX: Dialup, Blue, SPAM, XBox, Spotlight, Headstart(FNG), Digdug(Q)


3 Bags were present, x2 60 lb, x1 40 lb. Big thanks to Blue for bring his bags!

Warm-o-Rama: SSH, Bird Dogs, Cotton Pickers, Vs, Mountain Climbers

Mosey with weights to stairs.

Partner up. P1 runs with weight up the stairs for 5 burpees. P2 AMRAPS exercise that is called. Flapjack. Repeat until everyone in the PAX has called an exercise(except Xbox, who attempted to call an exercise out of turn)

Carolina DryDocks, Burpees, Dips, Squats, Derkins

Mosey back to flag to drop off gear we had shed. Discover grounded flag and potential FNG looking at flag.

EH the guy staring at the flag on his way to get a donut.

Circle up for fallen flag penalty of 10 burpees.

Warm-o-rama second round – 20 SSH

Hit the baseline of goose-shit lane. Partner up. P1 carries weight, P2 bearcrawls to other end. Flapjack as needed.

Empty-wheel barrow back. I have never heard so much complaining about a call!

50 yards and back.  P1 Bear Crawl dragging weight in between legs. P2 crabwalk. Flapjack as needed.


Lineup at baseline. Partner up. 3 men run with weight 50 yds and back. One running man calls the ab exercise for AMRAP. Flapjack, new exercise. Repeat until all PAX has called an exercise.

Heels to Heaven, Flutter, LBC, American Y’s, Eagle Crunch, Freddie Mercury, LBC


Blue warmed my heart right away this morning … “Hey Digdug, I have some sandbags in my car ….”

Dial-up attempting to learn Bird Dogs may have been the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in a while. There was no way I could keep cadence watching him attempt the exercise.

FNG Headstart – “Jeeze guys, I just came for a little jog and a donut ….”

Xbox – Larry Bird’ing with his ape walk getting called out … “Hey Xbox, where’s your partner?” Xbox popping up like a ground hog trying to find his partner.


Choose your Saturday workout! Kirkland, Heritage, Bellevue or Gas Works


Let us never forget to spring into action like our FNG today. He didn’t hesitate to join in, and immediately was part of the PAX, and joined right into the mumblechatter while getting utterly smoked.

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