Surprise Sand Bags!

13 men got better with the help of some little friends.

Thrift Shop, Zune, Kobe, Dilfer, Snip, Xbox, Zombie, Tiny, Alamo, FNG Unicorn, Nietzsche, Brady, Dig Dug (Q)


CoP; x30 SSH, x20 Mountain Climber

Mosey to YHC’s car – Hmm, why are we in a parking lot next to a car? … SURPRISE!

Pickup 4 sandbags. Mosey 800m to soccer field.

4 men run 100 yards with bags, winner of the run chooses next exercise for the PAX that AMRAPS …. Burpees, Sumo Squats, Yellow Hammers, and something …

4 men bear crawl drag bags 20 yards, crab walk back. Winner of crawls chooses next exercises for PAX that AMRAPS …. Merkins, Jump Squats, Squats, One-leg Burpees

Mosey 100m.

“Bear with Me” –

Bear Crawl 10 yards
x20 Merkins
Bearl Crawl 10 yards
x20 Squats
Bear Crawl 10 yards
x20 Big Boy Situps
Bear Crawl 10 yards
x20 Flutter

Bags must accompany the PAX


Finish our 100 yards with 20 yards of Bear Crawl.

Mosey 800m to CoP.

Nietzsche, leads PAX for COP of: x20 Crunches, x20 Flutter, x20 Leg Raises

FNG Unicorn brought the heat with some fast Bear Crawl drags.
Snip, with the one-leg burpee call … respect!
A big thank you to Ickey for loaning me the bags. Thank you.

Patches! Lots of opportunities for Redwood patch; Log Boom, MSFT, Heritage, Bellevue
GoRuck Light this weekend

Not feeling it today? Do it anyway and if you still don’t feel tomorrow, then you can skip it.