MOHAI Monday: Infinity back and forths

13 PAX got after it Monday @ MOHAI: Gekko, Scrum, Stigmata, Scrum, Talent, Hurley, Squid, Wooly Bugger, Waxie, Bangkok, LaFleur, 529’er (Q)


SSH, Merkins, LBC fast cadence x 100, squats

The Thang:

– Sort into 5 teams of 2 and one team of 3.  Each team of 2 does 100 reps as a team. Team of 3 does 150 reps. One person runs 150M out and 150M back while other does AMRAP. Once completed, all teams sync up with the 6 and match their cadence until all clear.

– Exercises done: WWI, Hand release merkins, Carolina dry docks, star ups, sumo squats, step ups.


Low plank jacks


– Hurley VQ on 6/11 @ MOHAI. Get some!

– GoRuck Light 6/2 @ 2 pm. D-Day theme is going to be awesome.

– Convergence workout on Monday 5/28. 0700 @ Kirkland Middle School. Murph followed by ultimate football. Yes.


“The virtue of innovation seldom compensated for the vice of inadequacy.” – Garry Kasparov. Different does not necessarily mean better. Focus on getting better first.  Innovate only when necessary.