Grasslawn Park Twelve Days of Christmas

11 Met in real gloom (fog and frozen grass, 36 degrees) to hit it for start of the work week.  Tardy on Q after a late night Q switch-o-rama decision.

The Pax:  Alexa, Soap, Xbox, Dilfer, Spotlight, Ping Pong, Bam Bam, Whiplash, Doner, Thrift Shop, Tardy (Q)

The Thang:

* Warm-Up – SSH, Imperial Walkers, Low Squat Cross-body punch, Mountain Climbers, Downward Dog and Yoga Peter Parkers

*Pick up 2 sandbag coupons and mosey to tennis courts

* Bear crawl 3 tennis courts, lunge walks 3 tennis courts, meet in Downward Dog, 2 sets of Yoga Peter Parkers

* 12 Days of Christmas:  Each person chooses an exercise and the Pax perform them a la the carol.  Lets see if I can remember the exercise/days: 1 Sumo Squat,  2 Burpees, 3 Mountain Climbers, 4 Julian Michaels, 5 WWI Situps, 6 Merkins, 7 Capitals, 8  Low Plank Jack, 9 Superman Merkins, 10 SSH, 11 Slurpees/Slow Burpees, 12 Jumping Lunges.

* First two to finish moseyed and picked up the sandbag coupons, Pax meets in Downward Dog

* Pairs perform Elf On The Shelf with sandbag while Pax performs AMRAP of following rounds of exercises (Reverse Lunges, SSH, Squats)

*Mosey to base with 2 Pax shepherding the sandbag  coupons.

*2 MoM:  Yogo Downward Dogs, Freddy Mercury



*Some of the Pax were less thankful of XBOX for dialing up the Julian Michaels at position 4;  do the math, yes, that is 36 Julian Michaels.

* SOAP was not scared off by Saturday’s 60 minute session as FNG and returned with Alexa today for his second workout, strong!

* Monday morning ju ju or people being tired, not sure, but we Pax lose track of car keys, cell phone and hat during the work out.   By the time Coffeteria was over, all appeared to have been found.

* Words:  Great to have Site Q Alexa back in the fold. Alexa shared his appreciation for the crew and each individual keeping the AO growing while he was out due to injury and taking care of himself and his family after his father passed away. Some emotional words and strength.   In the workout, as in life, we worked through the gloom and “got right”.  Thanks for inviting me to Q and continuing my December to Remember.  RIP G. H. W. Bush – Respect.