Live, Learn and Evolve – Rain or Shine

Pax: Dialup, Xbox, Thriftshop, FSBO, schnitzel,Giftbox, Jermaine, Icky, Dilfer, Spotlight(VQ)

10 HIM’s dared to get better even though unusually it was wet and cold. I largely blame the sprinklers than the rain. 🙂

Stared off with disclaimer for my practice although there were no FNG’s.

Warmup: SSH, Cotton Pickers, Arm circles , Shoulder rotations and Windmills (Dilfer thought I called out Women, my accent issues. :-))

Mosey to the tennis courts

Red Barchetta – Run to the First Court – 100 SSH’s run back to the starting point, Run to the second court – 75 Mountain climbers run back to the starting point, Run to the third court – 50 LBC run back to the starting point, Run to fourth court – 25 merkins run back to the starting point, Run to the other end – 10 Burpees run back to the starting point. Wait for the 6 (Either Plank or balls to wall choice is yours! – Dilfer appear to have liked the options, he chuckled )

Mosey to the other end of the parking lot, Divided into 5 teams of 2 members each. Each team called(Superman/Squats/..) out an exercise for rest of the teams and they complete a run around the parking lot. (Bonding time).

Swedish mile in the parking lot, last person completes 5 burpees before joining the head of the line, everyone completed their chance except me. (Icky and Dilfer modified and did various other exercises)

Mosey to “the hill” – Lunging to the top of the hill, back to the bottom of the hill by break crawling. (Repeato) – Mumblechatter – Icky thought I would skip the hill based on my comment but I was determined to add it to the mix.

Mosey to the starting point: (Partnered up).

One partner planking and other partner ran up the hill did 5 pull ups and back.

6MOM –

LBC – 15
WW1 – 15 – OYO
Flutters – 15

Fathers day – 2.0 Special
Worthington’s – Family weekend (Check with him as this may be late)
Reviewed all go ruck events

Jermaine – Shared about his daily 15-minute meditation regiment, how it has helped him with concentration, he is able to stay in the moment and in the present.

Giftbox – Share about his recent bad experience and he is trying the meditation avenue to help with his situation.

VQ words: Shared a quote from the book I completed reading in 2 days(30day goal improvement). “Effort does not guarantee success but it only removes guarantee of failure” – Essentially the point is that if you have not tried it then you have quit before joined the race. I thank F3 and I keep trying so that I get better every-time. – Live, Learn and evolve.

Thank you men for giving the opportunity to lead today, this is my first VQ. I will work on my cadence a bit and you will see a new improved me next time! Have a good rest of the day!