Space Needle- Worthington VQ Beatdown

12 HIM got after it this am at “The Needle”
Q- Worthington-This was both my SNFT (Space Needle First Time) and my SNVQ (Space Needle Virgin Q)… After this workout I may not be invited back…
PAX: Wooly Bugger, Gecko, Talent, 529’er, Dig Dug, Yard Sale, Hurley, Bankok, Squid, Spellcheck, Meet Up
Warm Ups: SSH, Squats, Mountain Climbers, Merkins
Initial Announcements- I didn’t want my VQ to be too hard on the PAX so I told them no planking if they finish early, but to take a “Seat”…. Air Chair at every break, 10 burpee penalty for standing…
The Thang- Mosey to the “lid”, they call it the stage, I’m sticking with the “lid”. It’s a memorial workout:
In Honor of Myself: Partner Wheelbarrow the steps, run the lid, wheelbarrow down, airchair wait on the six.
In Honor of Alright, Alright, Alright (Kishore Alright): run the steps, lunge walk the lid, stairs, airchair wait on the six.
In Honor of Drama (Jake Thomas): run the stairs, 10 burpees at each landing, airchair wait on the six.
In Honor of AP (Jason Silverstein) run the stairs, bear crawl the lid, airchair wait on the six.
In Honor of Gecko (Scott Gekko) run the stairs, balls to the wall 30 seconds slow count, airchair wait on the six.
In Honor of Squid (Layton Miller) run the stairs, balls to the walls mountain climbers, airchair wait on the six.
And Because this was all backwards, run it all in reverse, for the PAX in the front 10 Merkins at each landing (F3 guys don’t give up, every guy must have thought they were at the front as each stepped up to the Merkin Challenge!), airchair wait on the six.
Mosey to the flag for 3MOM: 20 count LBC and 60 count flutters(lots of moaning on this one…).
Great group of guys, lots of mumblechatter and the teamwork with the Six was inspiring!
Announcements: Bellevue Park Sat workout and Q school afterwards, Family Weekend June 21st: Check Facebook for both.
WOW: I shared the value of F3 and specifically the 2nd F as I was blessed to have a fellow F3 Brother (Mike Dig Dug) pay me a visit in Richland and our families got to spend some time together and we got in an OTB workout. Reach out to your fellow PAX!

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