Q School Notes

Goals of a Q School

GO DO: Once a Q School has been provided, there should be explicit targeting of VQs (virgin Qs) to incorporate what they learned as quickly as possible before knowledge and confidence are lost

Teach F3 Fundamentals


The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Core principles

    1. Open to all men
    2. Free
    3. Always outdoors, rain or shine
    4. Peer lead
    5. Ends in Circle of Trust


We leave no man behind but don’t leave them where we found them

Teach different styles of leading

4 count cadence is the most complicated for some to call

      • The process of announcing an exercise
        • The next exercise is __________________
        • Starting position, move (or you are in it)
        • In cadence, exercise

Down count (you call down, the PAX counts on the up)

OYO (on your own) 

Teaching incorporation of each F

1st F

Make the workout challenging; this encourages shared suffering

Q Tip: Organizing routines that require a lot of OYO or AMRAP (as many reps as possible) allows men to perform at their own levels while still getting challenged

    • DORA is a good example of this
    • Having a portion of the PAX do something as the “timer” while the other PAX do AMRAP of an exercise or routine

2nd F

Giving the men an opportunity to encourage each other during the workout
Another type of fellowship is the mumblechatter that happens during the workout

3rd F

Watching out for the six (when moseying, make sure there are no stragglers being left behind)

    • Feel free to ask a man at the beginning of the workout to own staying with the six during moseys
    • Respect for the six (this is probably 2nd and 3rd Fs)
      • Go back to PUT6 (pick up the 6) and finish the exercises with them
      • Planking while the 6 finishes up

The Q owns the Words at CoT, whether that be a prayer or some other type of vulnerability or words of wisdom

Allow the PAX to practice learnings during the Q

The above are your notes to ensure you know what to incorporate; the below, the actual practice of the teachings, is critical for PAX who have never Qed to provide them opportunity to practice during the Q School what you taught them and encourage them to perform their VQ

Ask the PAX either before the workout or during the warm-o-rama who has never Qed before and give those folks opportunity to practice along the way

The main things to give them practice on are

    • Calling cadence (of each kind)
    • The process of announcing each exercise
    • Once you have shared the Mission, Principles, and Credo, ask the PAX to quote these along the way
      • A good time for this is between exercises (while in some form of plank, of course) to “do something while doing nothing”

Other leadership qualities to be shown before, during, and after the workout

As a Q, the leader should encourage others to join him for his workout, calling or texting his peers the day or two before the workout
The Q should show up early, welcoming each man and thanking them for coming
It is just about always a good idea to give the Disclaimer, even if there are no FNGs

The Disclaimer is something to the affect of:

“I am not a professional; I don’t know your ailments, so please modify as necessary; we want to see everyone at the next workout, so please monitor your own limits’

The Q should have a count of the PAX at a workout and should monitor that the count is the same along the way to ensure no one got left behind

A good time for this is during SSHs; count each man as you call the cadence

Call this out to the men, to make sure they know you are doing it purposefully

When a man enters the workout, it should be known who the leader is

The leader should show a command by being centered in the circle

A leader should not ask the PAX to do something they cannot do themselves

If you cannot do it, do not Q it

Emphasize good form to ensure the men know what it looks like and to keep the men safe

Start on time and finish on time

This shows respect for the PAX and builds trust through setting expectations and then meeting them


Although it is nice to detail all the doings of a workout in the backblast, that is not its primary purpose

The backblast should mainly do two things:

    1. Encourage each PAX that was there by calling out their efforts during the workout
      • An attention to detail is required here, as this will require the Q to watch each man during the workout
    2. Call out the PAX who were not at the workout to encourage them that they were missed, making them feel known